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6 Surprising Celebrity Audiobook Narrators

I first discovered audiobooks while taking graduate courses by distance in Japan. I received these world-class lecture packages in the mail, pulled the cassette out of its cellophane wrapper (yes, a tape!), and then popped it into my car’s tape player. 1,808 more words


The Final Proposal

When I started reading The City and The City, the notion of seeing and “unseeing” someone seemed strange and unrealistic to me. However, thinking about the other texts we have read throughout this course, I realized that the concept is something we have seen before. 254 more words

How I select the next book I'm going to read

I’m sure that everyone out there has an extremely rigorous “next book” selection process. It’s really something of a necessity for modern life. You can’t just pick up whatever’s at hand, because a book cannot be consumed in a single sitting. 450 more words


Final Paper Topic Proposal

For my final essay, I will be using Virginia Woolf’s “London Adventure: a Street Hauntng” and China Mieville’s The City and the City as my two primary sources. 252 more words

Mrs Dalloway - #newworldnovel

For an English Literature student, who has pledged four years of life and more money from bank accounts than can be faced without heart palpitations to the study of books, the prospect of choosing just one single novel to accompany you on your travels and to represent the entire human race is a fraught one. 514 more words


Women and Men

“We’re not what books and plays say we are. We’re not what advertisements say we are. We’re not in the movies and we’re not on the radio. 1,057 more words

On rereading "Mrs. Dalloway"

Every decade or so I reread Mrs. Dalloway, the stunning 1925 novel by Virginia Woolf. Each time I find something new to admire and appreciate. 563 more words