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Rosie Steels #2

Previously on Rosie Steels:  Carefully, I let the drawer slide open. But before I can grab what I’ve been looking for for the past few days, I hear footsteps. 545 more words


- The Hours -

I often found “The Hours” very comfortable, I can either watch it seriously or put it as a background scenes when writing for my story. My partner claimed that must be Philip Glass’s music made me feel that sense of comfort, but I guess the film itself kinda related to my mental state. 315 more words


"It's like Virginia and Leonard have just popped out."

This is what a room steward said to me in the sitting room of Monk’s House, the country home of Virginia and Leonard Woolf. She is completely right. 343 more words


inordinately long

“When a man has reached the age of thirty, as Orlando now had, time when he is thinking becomes inordinately long; time when he is doing becomes inordinately short.”

— Virginia Woolf, Orlando


others to poetry

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I go to my friends, I to my own heart, I to seek among phrases and fragments something unbroken – I to whom there is not beauty enough in moon or tree; to whom the touch of one person with another is all, yet who cannot grasp even that, who am so imperfect, so weak, so unspeakably lonely.”

— Virginia Woolf, The Waves


This is poetry if we do not write it

“It is better to look at a rose, or to read Shakespeare as I read him here in Shaftesbury Avenue. Here’s the fool, here’s the villain, here in a car comes Cleopatra, burning on her barge. 85 more words


My Room with a View

Dear nature (Mother Nature, source, God, the universe, all that exists around me).

I have 295 more words