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North Carolina, pt. 2

I can be pensive when I need to be, to appear intelligent and aloof.  I can do this as protection or for show, a drag I perform to keep myself entertained on the long flights and the short layovers.   671 more words

Further Out Places to Rent Canoes and Kayaks Outside of Washington, DC

This is a listing of rentals and outfitters outside of the Washington, DC area.  This is a map of the outfitters listed on this page. 349 more words


The Rainmakers...

It doesn’t matter where Paul Prince and I go… we should be called the Rainmakers!

Three years ago we headed to the Northeast, rode through Vermont, and a month later they had serious flooding. 258 more words

Notes From a Visit to Byrd Park

This morning Leo gets into the mood for his walk way before I’m ready to take him. When he comes into the living room and sees me with the computer on my lap, he doesn’t look like his usual excited or sweet self, he looks pissed; dramatic sigh, deep breath, throaty grumble. 456 more words

Grandma's Button Factory

Post Withdrawal

I was looking at my post calendar and realized that I haven’t made a post in over a week! Egad! I am having withdrawals!

I came back late from California late on Tuesday night and headed to an awesome leadership event in Virginia the next day soooo I have neglected posting because I’ve been busy! 24 more words


I Live in the Most Beautiful State

As most of you probably don’t know, I REALLYYYYY HATE HIKING. I couldn’t be more serious. I get claustrophobic very easily, so i feel like I am trapped in the woods during the whole hike. 105 more words

My Week in Virginia

This week, we went to Virginia to visit my grandmother. The drive from Pennsylvania was four hours. On the first day, we went to Whole Foods and ate sushi outside. 194 more words

Washington D.C.