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My Second Post Today (Read the Other One I Posted Today First 'Cuz It'll Make More Sense)


Virginity is only expected if you’re ugly or religious. I am neither, at least, not anymore, so let me talk about the “why.” 1,836 more words

The Most Important Apology Gay Men Owe to Straight Women

I’m usually going to keep this blog pretty light and fun, like a Jem™ balloon in the hand of an annoying hipster, but I’ve started this blog because there are some things I have to say that no one else is saying. 1,822 more words

I Never "Lost" My Virginity

I’m glad that I saved sex for marriage. But I didn’t save it for a bunch of reasons that some people do.

I didn’t save sex: 235 more words


What's The Big Deal About Sex?

How many songs do we listen to that describe sex or sexual acts? My guess would be at least 70% of the songs we listen to, concern sex. 1,292 more words

Not as new as I'd expected

I don’t feel as new as I’d expected I would. Actually, I don’t feel any different. It’s like a milestone birthday, you don’t actually feel different you just are. 57 more words

What's Different About A Virgin?

1. She has love that goes beyond her own family, a love that knows no limits. It extends to strangers on the street and to people who are suffering. 1,132 more words


Consequence of Humanity

What then is the price of innocence?
When color translates power
Where virginity is bought online
And bank notes speak the language of diplomacy fluently… 91 more words