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Buffaloes, Jackfruit and Virginity!

Trust Yesudas to Start posts with such Names! Whatever would Virginity have to do with Jackfruit, and who cares for that in Buffaloes, anyway? Or, Whatever connection could the Three have, to occur together in a Headline? 412 more words

Social Issues

VIrgin @ 40

Virginity has different meanings for men. For some men its hugely important and it has everything to do with their sense of themselves as a man, and for some men its not as important. 310 more words


"God, save the Queen"

Thank you
for not finding me attractive.

Thank you 
for not liking me back.

Because honestly,
that is the greatest gift
I have gotten within this past year. 349 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

The Last Unicorn, Thoughts of a Slightly Disgruntle Virgin

When is embarrassing to still be chaste?What is that age that  it is too old to still hanging on the V-Card? Who made the rule that after college the only people who kept their legs closed where those at church every Sunday? 636 more words


Harry Potter Grows Up: How Daniel Radcliffe Lost His Virginity

Of course Daniel Radcliffe’s first time went well. The Harry Potter star told Elle magazine about losing his virginity, watching bad television and going full-frontal for a role. 220 more words


so idk abt any1 else, but i’m still seriously loving this show, i’m so glad that MTV is exploring the other end of the sex spectrum! 798 more words


series premiere of #VIRGINTERRITORY

i was particularly intrigued by this show simply b/c yeah i’m a virgin (by choice lol).. and don’t worry, i told every guy i’ve been in a relationship w/ even b4 the relationship started that i could easily die an old lady virgin and be fine w/ that so i don’t hide this from those that it would matter to. 3,140 more words