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Virgo January 2015 AstroTarot Horoscope

1st House (Virgo): the body, personality, ego, appearance, and character

The majority of the Wands suits are basically very positive cards, however as you move towards the highest cards in the suit, more complexity and difficulty can be indicated. 3,069 more words


Hey There, Virgo!

Horoscopes are too funny for words, but once in a while I’ll read one and think, “Oh, snap!” (gasp!)

Did you know…?

“With an acute attention to detail, the Virgo is the sign in the zodiac most dedicated to serving. 50 more words




I love Beyonce if she made a song about ABC’s I would sing it 😂
My #Virgo sister

Productive pause

Crikey I’ve made it to 50 posts in a row. My Aries ascendant has gone to lie down in shock and Moon in Virgo is cheering at me actually achieving some semblance of discipline. 349 more words

Spiritual Work

* wintering with tomas tranströmer

We’ve had some steady days of clouds making their way over us. The early mornings have been looking something like this:

In my work, I’ve been working with repetition in some recent poems of mine, trying to incorporate repeating words and images conceptually. 199 more words


Here’s to hoping this title doesn’t garner me any un-follows.  I know there tends to be some negative perceptions and skepticism when it comes to astrology, but it fascinates me and I enjoy any opportunity to reflect on human nature.   358 more words