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‘Out of Control’ Ebola Epidemic Caused by Cutting Down Rainforest

Ebola, the highly lethal hemorrhagic fever that can cause people to bleed out of their eyes and ears, is sweeping through West Africa. The current strain is unrelated to those which caused previous outbreaks in Uganda and Congo, meaning health officials are dealing with a new source, which is likely a bat or ape or some other wild animal. 358 more words


Influenza Viruses and mRNA Splicing: Doing More with Less

During their replication in the nucleus of infected cells, influenza viruses hijack the host splicing machinery to process some of their RNA segments, the M and NS segments. 159 more words


Ebola outbreak: Hospital where Nigerian victim Patrick Sawyer died shut down and quarantined as virus spreads

ABC News July 29, 2014

A hospital in Nigeria where a man died of Ebola virus in the country’s first case of the highly infectious disease has been shut down and quarantined. 39 more words


West Africa Ebola outbreak total tops 1,000

As 67 new Ebola virus disease (EVD) illnesses in Sierra Leone and Liberia pushed the outbreak total to 1,048 cases, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned about the risk of virus transmission from wildlife, especially fruit bats. 970 more words


Bacterial contamination issues at GSK Canadian flu vaccine plant identified

Canada’s only flu vaccine production plant, owned by GSK, has received word from a Health Canada inspection that 10 issues need to be addressed to meet required standards, according to a Canadian Press article today. 213 more words


Fighting bacteria -- with viruses

Study reveals promising information for developing an alternative to antibiotics

Research published today in PLOS Pathogens reveals how viruses called bacteriophages destroy the bacterium Clostridium difficile… 460 more words


Saudi Arabia reports MERS-CoV death but no new cases

A female health worker in Saudi Arabia with MERS-CoV died over the weekend, according to a Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) update yesterday, but the country has gone 18 days with no new cases. 66 more words