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Solving the mystery of reverse transcription

The biology of retroviruses is really all about the processes of reverse transcription, so it’s frustrating that nearly 50 years after their discovery, the steps from cytoplasmic entry until integration of the reverse transcribed genome are still mysterious. 138 more words


Hundreds in Perth could have been exposed to measles virus

ABC News Pamela Medlen 13 December 2014

Hundreds of West Australians could have been exposed to the measles virus after a Perth man contracted the disease while holidaying overseas.

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Nanotechnology against malaria parasites

Malaria parasites invade human red blood cells, they then disrupt them and infect others. Researchers at the University of Basel and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute have now developed so-called nanomimics of host cell membranes that trick the parasites. 508 more words


Cause of malaria drug resistance in SE Asia identified

EurekAlert 11 December 2014 | Lucky Tran

Malaria drug resistance in Southeast Asia is caused by a single mutated gene in the disease-causing parasite, a Columbia-led study has found. 149 more words


Putting bite on mozzies

Townsville Bulletin  | December 12, 2014  | LEIGHTON SMITH

A LEADING Brazilian scientist is visiting Townsville this week to observe the progress of a trial that could control – and possibly eradicate – dengue fever. 31 more words


Ebola crisis: Vaccine trial in Geneva halted temporarily after volunteers complain of joint pains

ABC News December 12, 2014

A clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine has been temporarily halted as a precautionary measure after four patients complained of joint pains, the University of Geneva Hospital says.  Continue reading…


How long can Ebola live?

(University of Pittsburgh) The Ebola virus travels from person to person through direct contact with infected body fluids. But how long can the virus survive on glass surfaces or countertops? 63 more words