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Gene editing eradicates HIV-1

More than three decades after the discovery of HIV, AIDS remains a major public health problem affecting greater than 35.3 million people worldwide. Current antiretroviral therapy fails to eradicate HIV infection, partly due to the persistence of virus reservoirs. 330 more words


FDA releases more information on smallpox incident

BioPrepWatch July 22, 2014  Brandon Lucas

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration update released on Wednesday provided more details on the finding of biological samples in a cold storage area on the… 39 more words


US admits security breaches with deadly virus samples

New Scientist No 2978 15 July 2014

Biosecurity slip-ups in US labs handling anthrax and smallpox happened because of lack of oversight and failure to follow protocol, says new report.  29 more words

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Pathogen Mishaps Rise as Regulators Stay Clear

The New York Times Denise Grady 19 July 2014

The recently documented mistakes at federal laboratories involving anthrax, flu and smallpox have incited public outrage at the government’s handling of dangerous pathogens. 112 more words

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The virus detective who discovered Ebola in 1976

BBC News Magazine Rob Brown 17 July 2014

Nearly 40 years ago, a young Belgian scientist travelled to a remote part of the Congolese rainforest – his task was to help find out why so many people were dying from an unknown and terrifying disease.

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Experts disagree on use of experimental ebola treatments

BioPrepWatch Lisa Sievers 15 July 2014

Health experts recently expressed disagreement regarding how to combat the ongoing ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. International response teams called for the use of experimental drugs or vaccines to stop the spread of the disease.

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CDC issues report on June anthrax incident

BioPrepWatch Sean Carlson 16 July 2014

The study discussed factors that contributed to the incident while highlighting actions taken by the CDC to prevent future accidents. 18 more words

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