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Last Bronx

Saturn, August 1997 (Japan)

First off, if you’re curious about what Last Bronx is, or why it’s cool, check out this incredibly definitive article about the game over at… 354 more words


GAME REVIEW: Virtua Fighter Animation

While the Master System died out in North America by 1992 it continued to sell well in Europe and Latin America and as late as 1997 new games were still being produced for it. 408 more words


5 Arcade Machines From The 90s You TOTALLY Forget About

Gone are the days of saving up as many quarters as possible and heading over to the arcades with your best buds. I miss the loud noises, camaraderie and sugary snacks that the Arcade brought with it. 81 more words


Shopping for Sega Saturn Games in Japan

The Sega Saturn was a great system with an incredible library of games. Unfortunately, many of the best games never made it to the west, or were released in limited quantities and are now prohibitively expensive. 386 more words

Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter (Pachislot) by TAIYO ELEC



The fighting game “Virtua Fighter” will come to pachislot soon!
This version brings together the action only Virtua Fighter can bring and the cutting edge technology of today’s pachislot machines! 91 more words


Videogames are a sport, but it may never be an Olympic-level one

Can videogames be a sport?¬† There’s an article about the subject at The Verge that’s so-so reading, but this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.¬† 1,328 more words


Great tabletop games for video gamers: Yomi

This ongoing series covers tabletop board or card games that video gamers should dig.

Check here for more.


Video games that Yomi reminds us of: 1,241 more words