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“I need an extra set of eyes, ears and hands but I can’t afford an employee, I might try a virtual assistant”

Define your needs for a VA before you hire them.

Decide exactly what you need your VA to do, instead of throwing a random list of your to do pile at them. 357 more words


Skitterbug: the best thing since sliced bread!

Pulling out a pre-sliced piece of bread from the plastic bag and popping it in the toaster is a breeze. Finding a knife and a cutting board to cut a piece from a loaf not to mention cleaning up all the crumbs left behind is much less convenient and more time-consuming. 485 more words

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Virtual assistants or doctor?

Some digital helpers are on the way

The Infographic from Nuance asks “Will virtual assistants propel the future of medicine?

 80% of US physicians believe virtual assistants will change how they interact with an electronic health record (EHR)  …
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“I want the project done right, so I’ll do it myself”

You want to be a super hero but you’re struggling to stay afloat?


“I want the project done right, so I’ll do it myself” you cannot do everything, I won’t deny that it is possible to wear every hat in your company, but how well is each job actually being done. 305 more words


Online Presence: Why and How Do We Get It?

In today’s competitive business world, you will not survive and last if you don’t have a stout online presence. To capture the attention of your target market online, you need to have a… 537 more words


Your relationship with Social Media, the break down…

Your relationship with Social Media, the break down…

The online world presents tremendous opportunities to share, contribute and build your reputation.

Social media is a marketing tool, it can be a tool that is either successful or unsuccessful depending on how it is used. 274 more words


Business deals from your dwelling.

Business deals from your dwelling.

You’ve toyed with the idea of using a Virtual Assistant in the past but opted for the in-bound safe option of someone you already know within your business. 254 more words