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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Startup Success

In recent years, the idea of small business owners using a virtual assistant to outsource daily business tasks has gained popularity. But many people don’t know how to hire or benefit from one.  1,036 more words

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Cardinal Rule #1 - Give Yourself Time to Learn

There are so many women (and some men too) who are flocking to the virtual assistance profession who have questions regarding every aspect of the field. 580 more words

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9 Online Marketing Strategies for Better Sales and Increased Brand Awareness

         Before, people relied on newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV broadcast to catch up with the latest news. Now, they gather information from a wide range of sources, with the Internet topping the list. 989 more words

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7 Ways Online Marketing can Benefit Business Owners and Marketers

There is nowhere else on Earth you can efficiently and effectively advertise or market your products or services better than over the Internet. Online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, Internet marketing, search marketing, e-marketing or whatever you may call it, can be the most effective tool for every business owner to use in building a virtual town square for the consumers of the world today as envisioned by Bill Gates. 489 more words

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Starting Your Real Estate Business With a Virtual Assistant as Your Partner

Owning a business today can be a great avenue to earning money. You get to exercise your management skills, multiply your investments, and be your own boss. 712 more words

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Are you struggling to stay positive? Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

If focus on looking for the positive in every situation, you may experience more happiness and have less stress in your life. 320 more words


Road to Success

Most people who are searching for success, envision the freshly paved road with no obstacles in the way, a smooth surface, and reaching their destination with ease. 532 more words