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When Heartbreak Strikes

It has been a little while since I have made a new post I know but sometimes real life does get in the way of things.  530 more words

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Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Using a Virtual Assistant can shave hours from your workweek, but knowing which tasks to delegate can be tricky, whether you’re starting or growing a business. 160 more words

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Getting the Right Work-life Balance - Use a Virtual Assistant

Achieving the right work-life balance is increasingly important, especially for managers and business owners who have a lot of responsibility. While it may be important to ensure that all of your important duties are done well, it is also important on several levels to ensure that you maintain a life outside work. 457 more words

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The Advantages of Using a Virtual Assistant - L B Office Solutions Limited

The Advantages of Using a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to the need for an assistant, many people and companies make the mistake of thinking that hiring a full-time, conventional assistant is the only option. 444 more words

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It's Been Entirely Too Long....

Ever hear how nail techs have the ugliest nails? Why, you ask? Because they’re so busy making everyone else’s nails fabulous, they have no time to do their own. 247 more words


Hiring A Virtual Assistant Through Outsourcing

An online marketer these days is busier than what one thinks.  That is because not only he will have to set his sights on how to promote his products and/or services but he also has to monitor the progress of his… 419 more words

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Web Design and Social Media Makeover

Web Design and Social Media Make-Over

Many of Virtual Aides current and past clients prefer to have our services remain anonymous, for various reasons, so … we’ll be updating our current project page based on client approval. 68 more words

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