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Windows 10: The Next Version of Windows, Made for Any Device

Microsoft announced the next version of Windows, Windows 10. It promises to ease the transition from Windows XP and Windows 7, and will work on practically any device. 10 more words


Windows 10 Virtual Desktops Work Well (Updated)

I just tried Task View (a combination of the Alt+Tab feature and the new virtual desktops feature) in Windows 10 and my CPU and RAM usage didn’t go up at all as I added additional desktops – even when I had ten desktops open. 346 more words

Windows 10

Windows 10: Task View (Updated)

Virtual desktops will be included in Windows 10 just like the leaks claimed would happen. However, the feature will not be called Virtual desktops. Instead it will have no official name and instead there will be a feature called Task View. 209 more words

Windows 10

Horrible name, but looking good: Windows 10

Microsoft just announced Windows 10. It’s a horrible name, and Microsoft is setting itself up to be made fun of just like they did with Surface’s “no compromises” tagline. 302 more words


Windows 9 Notifications & Virtual Windows | Leaks & Launches

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve mentioned a couple of integral features that Microsoft is finally baking into Windows Threshold, aka Windows 9. When I say integral I mean essential to staying relevant. 339 more words