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Storage Short: Performance of a Cache Miss

One of the most common questions we get asked by customers considering a hybrid arrays is “What is my performance going to look like if there is a cache miss and data has to come from the hard drive tier”. 64 more words


Briefing Note: Pure Storage announces an All-Flash Converged Infrastructure

We covered Hardware Convergence in a recent column, “What are Converged Infrastructures?”. Hardware Converged Infrastructures (HCI) are architectures based on independent name brand components that are pre-integrated and optimized to work together. 479 more words


Introducing Premium Storage: High-Performance Storage for Azure Virtual Machine Workloads

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We are excited to announce the preview of the Microsoft Azure Premium Storage Disks. With the introduction of new Premium Storage, Microsoft Azure now offers two types of durable storage: Premium Storage and Standard Storage. 66 more words


New Premium Storage-Backed Virtual Machines!!!!!!!!!!!

Azure Premium Storage is a new type of SSD-based storage, designed to support I/O intensive workloads. With Premium Storage, you can provision a persistent disk and configure the size and performance characteristics that will meet your requirements. 105 more words


Thats The Holidays Sorted Then...

I posted a while ago about sorting out the servers to virtualise some of them so that we could save money. Yeah, it hasn’t quite happened. 291 more words


Analyst Blog: What are Converged Infrastructures? Part 1 - Hardware Convergence

Every so often it makes sense to take a step back and attempt to define the terms that we in the industry use to describe the approaches we take to solving customer problems. 642 more words


How to easily install Arch Linux Using a Step by Step Script

Step 0 – Pre-Installation Notes

  • If you’re a beginner who is trying this out for the first time, try this out using VMWare(How to install and use VMWare…
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