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Can NAS handle a dense VM Environment?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems have traditionally been used for the storing of unstructured data. As these systems have increased in performance and capabilities they are being used more and more for non-traditional NAS workloads, like databases and virtualization. 444 more words


Overcoming the challenges of Server Side Network Storage

Server side network storage (SSNS) is attracting the attention of many data center planners. It aggregates internal server storage and presents that storage as a sharable virtual volume. 398 more words

Virtual Machine

The Second Life of Windows XP – Virtual Machine (VM)

If you use XP from time to time you can transfer it to the virtual machine installed in your current operation system (Windows, Linux or OS X).

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Oracle VM Virtual Box

Installation process :

  1. Download actual version of VM Box of from their home page
  2. Run the installation
  3. Custom setup , of from here you can choose futures you want to include or not , HDD location…
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Building Virtual Test Lab

I got enough of experience with Oracle’s VM virtual box . And hopefully i will be able to run all this virtual machines at same with no glitches . 46 more words


Download VHD from Azure Storage

Save-AzureVhd -Source "https://<storage account>.blob.core.windows.net/vhds/<name>.vhd" -LocalFilePath "c:\temp\<name>.vhd"