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Components and Storyline part 1

The Krause reading is getting much better. I actually loved the section on Components. I’m not sure how relevant it is to what we will be doing as designers but I found it very inspirational. 265 more words

The Value of an Independent Storage Performance Testing Platform

The more virtual machines per host, or users per application, the more cost effective an environment becomes. And the more environments that can be supported by a single storage system the more cost effective the storage infrastructure becomes. 1,259 more words


Quick installation of telnet-client on windows server 2012

Execute the following Powershell command:

install-windowsfeature "telnet-client"

The window also verify that my smtp server is ready to serve request.

telnet readylab.net 25


Briefing Note: Ravello enables traditional Data Centers to leverage the Cloud

In our recent article “How Traditional Data Centers Should Use The Cloud” we discussed the concept of starting the application development process in the cloud and then migrating that application on-premises when development is complete. 690 more words


OpenVas 7 Vulnerability Scanner - How to Deploy VM & Quick Scan

“So can you scan my servers and find the vulnerabilities?” asks an organization IT team to a group of external penetration team. Well yes we can but we will bill you this much per man day is their answer. 1,034 more words

Copying a Hyper-V vhd server to a VMWare vmdk machine the 'easy way'

First: there isn’t a quick and easy tool to migrate a Hyper-V machine to a vSphere ESXi machine… but luckily it’s doable if following the rules. 527 more words

Virtual Machine

LibVMI & XEN Setup

LibVMI is a Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) Library. LibVMI can monitor virtual machines running either on XEN or KVM. In this post I will detail XEN as an example platform to run virtual machines. 1,048 more words