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How and why you should use a VPN to protect your data's final mile

”Your greatest security and privacy risk relates to data in transit, as it passes to and from your devices. In a coffeeshop, airport, or other public space using Wi-Fi, your information passes in the clear between your hardware and the network’s hub,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. 152 more words


This infographic teaches you how setup a VPN in a few simple steps

By Max Teodorescu

The vast number of hacks in 2014 have been exceptionally prominent, highlighting the increasing vulnerability we face as more of our personal information gets on the Internet. 346 more words

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Netflix exec: company hasn't changed policy on blocking VPN users

Netflix isn’t cracking down on foreign users utilizing VPNs to access the company’s streaming service, or at least not more than it has always done, according to Netflix’s Chief  Product Officer Neil Hunt. 226 more words

New Snowden Documents Reveal That the NSA Can’t Hack Everyone

By: Lauren C. Williams

A new wave of U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) document leaks show the agency wasn’t able to spy on everyone thanks to some encryption tools several programs use that successfully thwart digital espionage.German magazine Der Spiegel reported the NSA couldn’t decipher communications such as emails and online chat messages from a handful of services that use encryption beyond the NSA’s code-cracking abilities, based on documents obtained from former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. 602 more words


Gmail Has Been Blocked In China

Google Inc’s Gmail was blocked in China after months of disruptions to the world’s biggest email service, with an anti-censorship advocate suggesting the Great Firewall was to blame. 388 more words


China tightens blockade on Google, blocking email app access to Gmail [Update: restored for now]

Update: The FT reports that access has been restored for now at least, with a slight pickup in Google’s stats appearing to confirm.

China has tightened its firewall blockade of Google services, reports  224 more words

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Go Anonymous on Smartphones

Anonymity has become much of concern recently . With open network your security and privacy is at risk .

To get over this and protect your identity as well as privacy VPN’s ( Virtual Private Network ) are used . 211 more words