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Of Blizzards, Titans and Successive Lives

In a recent blog post, Ciaran Laval wrote about Blizzard’s cancellation of its extremely ambitious project Titan, and opined that it could affect the fate of the new virtual world platform that Linden Lab is working on. 921 more words

Second Life

Dear Player: Bioshock Infinite, Repaying a Debt

“A city underwater? Ridiculous.” – Booker DeWitt, Player character,BioShock: Infinite

I have a dream where I open my office door. It’s black and white, and I know I’ve done many things, but I don’t know what I’ve lost in the process. 2,825 more words

Critical Play

Where has Prim Perfect gone?

Have you been missing your updates from the Prim Perfect blog? Have you been missing the jigsaws, the messages about our TV shows, the updates about events, the glimpses of the latest issue and the discussion of important Second Life issues? 82 more words

Virtual Worlds


Halloween is so frikkin’ cool. Yes to Rockets and molasses candies. No to Big Turks and Eatmores. And who ever really trusted the houses homemade popcorn thingies? 403 more words


Hoist ye sails, tis the end o' Pirate Week in There!

Shiver me timbers! Tis been a long battle of fightin’ and blunderin’ as ye ol’ Wenches and Seadogs been wrestlin’ fer ye Crew List. Grab yer pegged leg, hooks, eye patch or whistlin’ shoulder parrot and join us in celebratin’ the last great battle of Pirate Week in There. 111 more words


Posting a Few Thoughts [the Widget Shuffle]

How did everything become so difficult, when all I wanted to do was just post a few thoughts?

This is what happened. I decided to update my blog, and give it a fresh new look. 347 more words