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Space Invaders for Virtual Boy!

I finally got one step closer to completing my Virtual Boy collection! :D Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was one of the first things I started collecting for, since it was never released here in Europe I got very intrigued by the system :) I have three Virtual Boy systems and all the US released Virtual Boy games, now that I recently found… 230 more words


Virtual Reference in Libraries

Recently our professor had us simulate a virtual library reference situation through Skype. This was an interesting project that really helps me to understand the concept. 249 more words


Install Virtual OS in Linux

Dual booting, who needs it? That’s what VMware Player is for! So, what exactly is VMWare?

VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider for…

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Virtual Contest Platform: Launching Competitions the Corporate Way

Competitions across the industries, for instance, has gone online with contest management companies producing modular platforms individually designed for each client. These creative competition platforms are virtual engagements, but along with entry form features, surveys, public voting, and other elements, some live, in-person events are also incorporated. 56 more words

Virtual, actual and real

virtual, actual and real

JavaScript required to play virtual, actual and real.

where is our place, our people
where do we belong,
out there in the world we experience… 271 more words


Disruptive Technology: Second Life

Disruptive Technology: Second Life

I went around my current place of work and asked about twenty people about what they felt about the technology Second Life… 666 more words

Emerged Technology

I couldn't concentrate on writing... I made part of the GUI...!!

BAH. I shouldn’t be doing this. Dating sim GUI… I already made a GUI for Virtual Boyfriend Secret Diary when I’m supposed to friggin… 294 more words