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Digital Dialogue – Creativity vs. Innovation

Digital development is not devoid of digital distortion…

- Nihar Pradhan

We are no more living in physical world, virtual has become second nature to the real world. 468 more words


virtual insanity

people who spend most of their time in virtual reality of internet forums and computer games sometimes voice their opinions on reality, and they often seem completely insane to non-addicts when they do. 20 more words


sex 2.0

paolo m aka pirate horizon

Stealthy startup Soft Machines launches virtual CPU cores that trounce traditional processors

A well-funded chip startup, Soft Machines, is taking the popular but abstract concept of virtual machines and applying it to the chip level.

Soft Machines is debuting what it calls a Virtual Instruction Set Computing (VISC) architecture at the Linley Processor Conference on Thursday, as well as testing working silicon. 701 more words

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Space Invaders for Virtual Boy!

I finally got one step closer to completing my Virtual Boy collection! :D Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was one of the first things I started collecting for, since it was never released here in Europe I got very intrigued by the system :) I have three Virtual Boy systems and all the US released Virtual Boy games, now that I recently found… 230 more words


Virtual Reference in Libraries

Recently our professor had us simulate a virtual library reference situation through Skype. This was an interesting project that really helps me to understand the concept. 249 more words