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To Appliance or not to Appliance? Confusion reigns in the software defined datacentre

Everybody seems to think they know the answer, but sometimes I wonder if they even understand the question.

Hot on the heels of the launch of VMware’s EVO:RAIL, and somewhat more under the radar, Maxta have announced… 362 more words

VMware, NVIDIA and Google to deliver graphics-rich applications to Chromebooks

The Google Chromebook is often associated with simplicity — a simple and affordable notebook that offers connectivity and provides access to everyday applications. Well, that’s about to change with a collaboration between VMware, NVIDIA and Google. 394 more words


#VMworld Announcement #1 VMware EVO:RAIL – What is it?


At VMworld US this morning VMware will announce numerous new solutions and one of these will be VMware EVO: RAIL I mean MARVIN I mean VMware EVO: RAIL, but what is it and what does it do. 1,070 more words


Nutanix - the Energizer Bunny of IT Infrastructure

“Software Defined” has become the epithet of the Nutanix solution, but you will always need hardware and hardware will always fail.

Recently we installed a relatively new NX-3460 for a Proof of Concept (POC) with all four nodes showing as up and running in the Prism management with no alerts. 508 more words

Linux Containers

After much tinkering and cursing, I finally managed to get Linux Container running. I had originally wanted a Fedora container, but for some unknown reason, the container would not start. 71 more words


vCenter Server 5.5 Rebuild


I’ve worked on rebuilding a vCenter server due to one of the services failing to start and in this blog post, I will try and assist people who is planning to rebuild the existing vCenter server. 678 more words


Windows Server 2012: The breakdown

Many may consider Microsoft Windows Server 2012 as the enemy because SBS was axed in the process of releasing it. But, the different editions of Server 2012 (Foundation, Essentials, Standard and Datacentre) will cater for the small, medium and large organisations, it just might be a little more costly in some scenarios. 386 more words

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