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HP XP7 Active-Active High Availability Solution ChalkTalk

The HP XP7 Storage was introduced earlier in 2014 and now gets a very cool enhancement: Active-Active HA uses XP7 multi-array virtualization to allow active active access to virtual LUNS across two XP7 arrays. 9 more words


DPDK-OVS source code notes – Data path, communication between vSwitchd and ovs-dpdk

#### This is my study notes for dpdk-ovs 0.10.0 with dpdk 1.6 only.  There is big change in dpdk-ovs 1.1 with dpdk 1.7 integration #### 707 more words


Back up your ESXi host configurations with PowerCLI and vCLI

I hate PowerCLI.  There.  I said it.  I’m not a programmer.  I can barely script.  My upcoming VCAP exam pretty much requires some proficiency in PowerCLI.  448 more words


Low expectations yield disappointing technology ideas

Good Post by Jon Toigo (thank you)

Warmed-over or half-baked technology ideas might produce profits for the vendors that manufacture them, but they won’t solve storage puzzles. 57 more words


What Is and What Is Not Cloud Computing and Why Do I as an IT Pro Care

This was a presentation which I delivered at Stratford University in PDF format. My focus was on bringing clarity of cloud computing to the audiences so we can better articulate the business values of cloud computing and why cloud is or perhaps is not the solution for a business problem. 9 more words

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DPDK-OVS source code notes – process type and data path initialization

Process type is a DPDK internal concept, a process which has integrated with DPDK library could be of either RTE_PROC_PRIMARY or RTE_PROC_SECONDAR. In DPDK-OVS, data path process ovs_dpdk is started as type of primary, ovs-vswitchd and customized qemu run as secondary processes.   1,065 more words


Performance testing a Synology NAS using Iometer

In my last post, I discussed building a lightweight VMware infrastructure for a customer using a Synology RS2414RP+ NAS.  Today, I wanted to do some performance testing and baselining to get an idea of the kind of load it would support.  487 more words