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Caseless virtualization cluster, part 3

virt-builder can be used to build baremetal images on (eg) USB keys, so that’s what I’m using to create the bootable keys for my virtualization cluster… 245 more words

Caseless virtualization cluster, part 2

The second layer goes on:

I’ve changed motherboards. As outlined in part 1 I bought a motherboard without onboard graphics, which means I’m waiting for a cheap PCI-Express graphics card so I can turn on the first layer. 133 more words

VMware Offers Disaster Recovery As A Service

Post by Charles Babcock (thank you)

VMware disaster recovery service lets customers automatically replicate business systems and data in one of VMware’s five vCloud Hybrid Service datacenters. 50 more words


Is Storage the Killer App for Software-Defined Networking?

Good Post by Stephen Foskett (thank you)

Software Defined Networking (SDN) has always looked a bit like a solution in search of a problem, at least in the enterprise data center. 36 more words


ヴイエムウェア、デスクトップ仮想化の新版「Horizon 6」発表 [ #cbajp ]

ヴイエムウェアは4月10日、デスクトップ仮想化製品の最新バージョン「VMware Horizon 6」を発表した。今年第2四半期から提供開始予定で、同社の国内販売パートナーから購入可能。ライセンス価格は1ユーザー当たり2万7000円(税抜、市場予想価格)となっている。



先進事例に見る、企業戦略を“戦術”に落とし込む基幹DBアーキテクチャ改革 [ #cbajp ]




Docker Red Hat and Containerization Wreck Virtualization

Conversation has popped up around a few tweets Alex Williams regarding virtualization at the Red Hat Summit. One of the starts to the conversation.

How Project Atomic fits with Docker, geard, etc.

260 more words