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Server Virtualization: Realities That You Ought to Know

As all of us recognize the Hosting server Virtualization, its working framework, key benefits and other advantages of hosting server virtualization modern technology. All the functions virtualization offers to its users, there’s a lot more you could make out of… 768 more words

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Security of Virtual Servers is not being addressed up to the mark!

Virtual Servers usage in enterprise environments is increasing worldwide and securing virtual environments is now at the top of mind for majority of IT departments. But when it comes to security option which is being addressed by IT departments, the facts are little bit disappointing. 306 more words


DPDK-OVS source code notes - overview

Standard Open vSwitch

Standard Open vSwitch has control plane (ovs-vswitchd and ovsdb-server) running in user space, while data plane stays in kernel. Vswitchd talks to ovs kernel module via netlink.   547 more words


HP BL460 BSOD issue -- Check your firmware dates...

With the advent of the v2 Intel Xeon chips included in the BL460 there are some major issues with microcode in the system rom.

Essentially what happens when you have a VM with high vCPU load it can cause a BSOD / or Linux kernel panic. 90 more words


Vagrant Cloud Deployment First Impressions with OpenStack

Vagrant describes itself as a tool to create VM based development environments, allowing it to be shared between developers. By default it sets up a local… 1,718 more words