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Vmware ESXi 5.1 descriptor file is missing

If your environment recently had an outage (or shutdown unexpectedly or ungracefully), or had snapshots for whatever reason (eg. testing, and making alot of changes), then there’s a small chance that your vmdk file could corrupt or go missing after shutdown. 116 more words


What is a NIC (Network Interface Card)?

A NIC (Network Interface Card) does just as its name intended, connects the computer to the network. The NIC is usually an add-on for the expansion bus of the motherboard but its low cost and high popularity has moved the NIC from an add-on card to be part of the system. 365 more words


KVH、プライベートクラウドサービスで仮想化ネットワーク機能を提供 [ #cbajp ]

アジアの情報デリバリー・プラットフォームを提供するKVH株式会社は、ミドクラジャパン株式会社によるネットワーク仮想化ソフトウェア「MidoNet」を採用し、「プライベートクラウド Type-S」を本日より発売開始することを発表しました。「MidoNet」はSDN / NFV 対応のネットワーク仮想化ソフトウェアであり、クラウド基盤ソフトウェア「OpenStack」と連携することでオープンかつ柔軟な次世代のクラウド環境を提供します。



How Much Can You Save on Your Virtual SQL Server Farm?

If you’ve already virtualized some—or all—of your SQL Server environment, you’ve gained some physical consolidation and management advantages. But now you’re locked into Microsoft’s and/or VMware’s view of what you should be able to do with your newfound capabilities. 607 more words


Performance testing a Synology NAS using Iometer

In my last post, I discussed building a lightweight VMware infrastructure for a customer using a Synology RS2414RP+ NAS.  Today, I wanted to do some performance testing and baselining to get an idea of the kind of load it would support.  487 more words


Will the All-Flash Array Market go away?

Recently HDS’s Hu Yoshida wrote in his blog that he thinks the all-flash array market will go away. I very often find myself agreeing with Hu, he’s a sharp guy and I respect his point of view. 1,030 more words


Server Virtualization: Realities That You Ought to Know

As all of us recognize the Hosting server Virtualization, its working framework, key benefits and other advantages of hosting server virtualization modern technology. All the functions virtualization offers to its users, there’s a lot more you could make out of… 768 more words

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