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Some Docker Tips and Tricks

“Docker is a great tool, which can be daunting at first. Shells can be annoying to work with and have their gotchas. It took me some time to figure these out and I want to spare you the time. 22 more words


My First 60 Days - Juniper Networks

When I first graduated college and lived as a professional in the big city, I worked in technical support at Bay Networks. I will never forget my experience and subsequently, Nortel. 341 more words


How to resize VirtualBox fixed size VDI drive


Slow Windows? Out if space? The solution: increase the the VDI drive size. Simple!? If the the VDI storage has the fixed size, then you have to make your hands dirty. 143 more words


How To setup remote syslog on Vmware ESXi 5.x

To enable remote syslog for wmare esxi 5.x you need to do it from the cli using an ssh terminal

First open an ssh connection to esxi server and see your current configuration… 114 more words


How to upgrade VirtualBox to 4.3


yum --enablerepo=virtualbox install VirtualBox-4.3

reports that the package can not be downloaded – why ever…


First remove the outdated package

yum remove VirtualBox-4.1
… 34 more words

VMware Workstation Trick


Bugün Vmware deki ufak bir ayarı paylaşmak istedim. Bu ayar ile sanal makineler açılırken normalde hdd den ayırdığınız ram kadar yer ayırırlar. Bunu iptal ederek SSD kullanan biri olarak yeri daha verimli kullanabilirsiniz. 65 more words


Veeam Backup From Storage Snapshots

Also have a look at this Video from Stephen Foskett with more indepth information on this topic