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lubuntu 14.04 LTS powerpc virtualized on G4

Now with a G4 powerpc you could test with virtualization in your linux powerpc distro!

In my case I have tested lubuntu Trusty 14.04 installation inside qemu 2.0(rc2) with kvm inside my lubuntu 13.10 powerpc running as host on my G4 powerpc powerbook. 785 more words


A Digital Universe of Infinite Possibilities

By Vic Bhagat — EMC Chief Information Officer

The digital universe, which is expected to grow to 44 zettabytes by 2020, represents an infinite opportunity for CIOs to drive agility and accelerate value for an organization.  330 more words


A new era of server side storage intelligence

Post by Frank Denneman (thank you)

Today we are announcing several new and exciting features that establish FVP as the industry’s premier enterprise-class platform for server side storage intelligence. 32 more words


ストレージ仮想化ソフト「VVAULT 6.3」、「ニフティクラウドストレージ」にも対応 [ #cbajp ]

株式会社オレガは23日、ストレージ仮想化ソフトの新版「VVAULT 6.3」を発表した。製品サイトでダウンロード提供を開始している。VVAULTは、Windows上で複数のストレージを統合して仮想ドライブを構築するソフト。既存ファイルサーバー/NASから1クリックでデータ移行する「クイックマイグレーション機能」、仮想ドライブの状態を監視して差分データを自動バックアップする「ライブバックアップ機能」、障害を検知して自動的にデータを復元する「ライブリカバリ機能」、ストレージのデータ変更をすべて蓄積して任意の時点に即時復元できる「タイムマシーン機能」、VVUALTサーバー間での「レプリケーション機能」などを備える。



Moving ERP To The Cloud

In addition to my own posts, I also write for CloudTweaks, an authority on cloud computing. My most recent post focuses on moving ERP to the cloud. 225 more words


Some Docker Tips and Tricks

“Docker is a great tool, which can be daunting at first. Shells can be annoying to work with and have their gotchas. It took me some time to figure these out and I want to spare you the time. 22 more words


My First 60 Days - Juniper Networks

When I first graduated college and lived as a professional in the big city, I worked in technical support at Bay Networks. I will never forget my experience and subsequently, Nortel. 341 more words