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Acting Out Can Get People in Trouble

Hi, Gang!

On Monday, there was big excitement at Number One Daughter’s school, because a popular teacher was arrested and charged with child seduction for having had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female student. 1,858 more words


Gradualness: A Bioethical Temperance

Hospitals are notoriously busy places.

Why is everybody in such a rush? Nurses scurry about the hallways as emergency ambulances arrive carrying people with various traumatic injuries. 408 more words


After the White Noise

Reactions to the release of the long-awaited Torture Report (or at least its executive summary) are extensively documented elsewhere. Having spent countless hours over the past three years investigating various dimensions within the lengthy and extensive history of American torture, we offer a few remarks: 286 more words


8th December: The Perils of Presenting

At work, I had to do a presentation to the whole company. Although it’s only 90 seconds maximum, being the focus and the only person speaking in front of over a hundred people scares me. 295 more words


Virtue Ethics & The "Man of Steel"

Imagine a man who is powerful enough to enslave an entire planet of human beings and use them to satisfy his own desires, whatever those desires may be. 800 more words


Virtue Ethics and Discursive Spheres

In the article by Martha Nussbaum titled Non-Relative Virtues: An Aristotelian Approach, she defends the Aristotelian approach of an ethical theory based upon the virtues against what she calls the Relativist’s three main objections: 1) the relativist’s appeal to cultural relativity and the relationship between singleness of problem and singleness of solution. 1,903 more words


Virtue Ethics & Organ Donation

Biomedical technology is one of the fastest growing areas of research in modern society. Whether it is reproductive technologies, cloning, genetic engineering or any other topic, people generally approach these with an attitude of both awe and hesitation. 2,471 more words