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Effective Mentoring

Barry talks about how we as believers can disciple others without becoming micro managers.


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Christian Life

Amateur philosophical background: the ethics

In this second philosophical preamble to actually starting talking about The Fountainhead, I’m going to give an overview of the more relevant part of Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, the ethics. 2,445 more words


The Ethics Sage and the Ethics of Affirmative Action

The Ethics Sage and the Ethics of Affirmative Action

Ethics of Affirmative Action

(A Guest Blog by My Colleague, Steven Mintz. Visit his site here… 1,297 more words


Contemplating Life and Morality

This post was originally published on www.contemplationcenter.com.  However, the website seems to be inaccessible for the time being so I’ve decided to re-post it here in full. 498 more words


Luis Guillermo Solis Gives Up Vanity

Luis Guillermo Solis Gives Up Vanity

Costa Rica president ends ‘worship’ of his office | Al Jazeera America

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis, a month into his first tem in office, doesn’t want his name on plaques at public works or his portrait hung in public offices. 546 more words

Business Ethics

Epicurus on Coping with Abundance

Sam argues that our historically unprecedented levels of wealth changes the equation for virtue and vice. Humanity has for nearly all of its existence lived on the knife-edge of starvation, and it only makes sense that norms and instincts developed under those circumstances would not necessarily set us up for success in a wealthier world. 314 more words