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TOMs Shoes: A Virtuous Company?


“For 13-year-old Kalpana, the walk to school has always been a difficult one. Kalpana lives in an economically and socially marginalized community where her father works as a laborer, not generating much income for the family. 2,851 more words

Some Thoughts on Moral Philosophy

The first election I was legally entitled to vote on was the EU elections of 2008. I decided not to vote. My parents were not happy about this. 1,826 more words


Food for Thought-4 Leadership Lessons from Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas was (and still is in many circles) an intellectual rock star.  He brought back Aristotle to the Christian west in the Early Middle Ages and that helped prime the pump for others who were also preparing the way for the Renaissance.  377 more words

Food For Thought

The Ethics of Human Rights (90): Rights and Virtue Ethics

At first sight, virtue ethics seems irrelevant to human rights. Rights are about what people do to each other and what the state does to people. 686 more words

Human Rights

My Ethics: Part 3

Due to realizing how much this work will expand I am going to cut it short at this post.  I am going to writing out the rest of it and see where it goes from there. 392 more words


My Ethics: Part 2

This is seriously just the second half of my draft, at 1,000 words total so far it’s a bit on the long side so I thought I should try to spread this whole system out a tad.   662 more words


My Ethics: Part 1

Alright, time to really start creating something.   I’ve spent enough time doing a light observation of the current situation  so I might as well try to create my own. 529 more words