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Master Gardener

This isn’t how it’s done.  You brush before the dentist appointment and clean before the maid comes and certainly you pull the weeds before the Master Gardener arrives to look things over in your garden. 1,091 more words



Fourth Week in July

Handling hardships is one of the persistent challenges in life. There are occasions when frustrations accumulate and you feel, really, that you would rather give in or break down. 135 more words

Emotional Prudence: The Charioteer of the Heart

By Scott

I recently had the opportunity to sit on a panel of fellow young adult Catholics, hosted by The Goretti Group, discussing authentic masculinity and femininity.   1,636 more words


The woman in the book

As women we struggle so much to find our purpose in life. Proverbs 31 has given me an assignment of a lifetime. I might not be that woman to the T, but I definitely will not stop trying to be. 2,299 more words


Is modesty a virtue?

In many religions, modesty in dress and behaviour is considered to be a virtue. This is especially true in the sense of sexual modesty, and is often applied to both genders. 487 more words


People Are Not Taught To Be Virtuous

“We have said that the Taoist Absolute was the Relative. In ethics the Taoist railed at the laws and the moral codes of society, for to them right and wrong were but relative terms. 278 more words


Nine Fruits: Part Four ~ Patience

Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit that is difficult to accept and more difficult to put into practice. In the present moment we have so many things that require immediate gratification. 561 more words