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Throwing Stones in Glass Houses

Look in the mirror, and what do you see? Yourself.

Throw a stone at the mirror, and what do you see? Yourself… shattered, disfigured, broken… 1,107 more words


Let a Person Finish Their Sentence

How many times, do you speak before someone finishes talking? Ha ha, well my hand is raised! I do this all the time. I listen to someone’s piece of conversation, I think, “Oh there talking about this”, and blurt out a statement, trying to finish there sentence, without clearly thinking it through. 104 more words


Oh Woman! But For Thy Character

Many women are just careless! In personal appearance, speech, character, responsibility and attitude.

There is tremendous need in today’s world to “be successful” when the world looks at you as a woman and a Christian. 657 more words


No Two Moments Are Alike

Honesty seems to live just below the surface of consciousness.  It is not deeply fastened to the lower brain functions, it is not unconscious.  However, in the semi-conscious state where it exists, it needs to be seduced out deliberately if it is to be of any use. 457 more words


Classical Education Leads To Good Jobs Because It Instills Good Judgment—But That's Not All

Andrew Kern of the CIRCE Institute resurfaces one of our favorite themes: How classical education prepares a child not merely for a job, but for a life that of course includes the ability to earn one’s bread. 283 more words

Classical Education