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Your wife may be patient BUT you wouldn't say your wife is patience right?

When we describe someone’s attributes, we usually make a distinction between a person and his attributes. For instance, you may say your mother is patient, but you wouldn’t say that your mother is patience.

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House Guest

a prayer inspired by a prayer of the Columban Fathers

Our Father who is above us:

We are magnetized to mercy and love; attracted toward a friendship with the divine. 215 more words

Christian Reflection

"Monstra Te Esse Matrem"

“Show Thyself A Mother.”

Mary made it constantly the business of her life to labour for the end for which God had created her. In her parents’ house, in that of Nazareth, in Bethlehem, in Egypt, upon Calvary, always humble, recollected, modest, pious, she had but one view: the glory and love of her divine Son. 75 more words

Traditional Catholic

Thoughts for October 29 from Fr Willie Doyle

“Time that passeth like a shadow”(Ecclesiastes, 7. 1). Watch the shadow of the sun’s rays creep silently across the dial’s face. Slowly, irresistibly it moves on.

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Two Virtues and Always a Foreigner

It seems that taxi drivers in most parts of the world have an innate ability to add an ugly freckle to the face of an otherwise beautiful journey, oh well. 1,119 more words


Pagan Virtues

As ‘Pagan’ is an umbrella term there are lots of different sets of virtues that Pagans value. This will largely depend on their tradition and influences and whilst you can see cross overs in some areas others appear wholly incompatible. 756 more words

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