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Virtuous egoism

You have heard this before: you are either good, or you are selfish. For the majority of people, virtuous egoism is an oxymoron: they don’t think it is possible to be virtuous and pursue self-interest at the same time. 730 more words



that solemn place
that evades
illnesses of the soul

a drop of it and
you are cleansed
its beautiful, yet old

sometimes golden
often so harsh… 79 more words


Four Plus Three

the cardinal virtues
prudence temperance
justice and courage
foursquare foundation
for ethical conduct
born on the tongue
of Solomon’s wisdom
played upon Plato’s
republican dreams… 92 more words


Virtues and needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a popular framework for depicting the elements of a healthy, integrated personality, and the way in which the different “needs” of such a personality depend on one another. 1,137 more words


P is for Passions

Passion, in the Enneagram world, has an uncommon meaning.

I’m all about passion in the, soul’s-desire, manifest-your-dreams, go-after-that-which-makes-your-heart-sing kind of way.  However, in this context, passions are more like obsessions than inner callings. 662 more words

Surrendering to Hope

In a cold room, nine containers stood leaning on the wall, illuminated by nine spotlights of deep blue glowing above them. Translucent glass covered the fronts of the containers, and each container was large enough to hold human body. 6,760 more words