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Word For 2015: Patience

Next year can’t come soon enough for me. There’s the possibility of heading to college, procuring another job, and finishing my book. I’m a quiet soul, but patience can be a difficult virtue to attain when there are many adventures to consider. 8 more words


Outside of the Box: We Choose Virtues Teacher Cards Review!

Although I am not a teacher, I am a therapist…and these have been PERFECT to use in counseling sessions with the children that I work with!   178 more words

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Mastermind Alliance Virtues

Discovering one who has all seven traits may be rare as witnessing a Sumatran Elephant. When you find this person, you are in the presence of royalty and about to receive a fortune. 18 more words

Thoughts for December 17 from Fr Willie Doyle

A want of will is the chief obstacle to our becoming saints. We are not holy because we do not really wish to become so. We would indeed gladly possess the virtues of the saints – their humility and patience, their love of suffering, their penance and zeal.

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Strange Sights

Are the sights
That are
Invisible to see
Be it the seduction
That is desired
Or the virtue
That is dreamed.


planning for the virtue of friendship: #4 contribution

I’ve already argued that friendship is a mutually beneficial relationship, developed over time through shared experiences, though only about 10% of friends will be really special.   859 more words


Thoughts for December 16 from Fr Willie Doyle

Avoid worry, anxiety, uneasiness about anything. “The devil’s boiling pot” expresses this state of mind; one trouble ended, another crops up to take its place; the soul never at rest; there is no peace, no calm, and also no real holiness.

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