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When It Comes To Their Faith, Many Catholics Stick Their Foot in It

A foot doctor once told me that, when it comes to taking care of their health, most people largely neglect their feet. “People’s concerns and care, it seems, begin with their head or brain, then their hearts and lungs, then their lower internal organs, followed by their legs and, lastly, their feet, which they neglect until things have really gotten very bad”  he complained. 709 more words


Having never been married myself, am nothing close to an expert in marital affairs. But just like the case of not necessarily being a painter to see a good painting or a bad one for that matter, there are a number of things that I have picked along the way. 552 more words

Chinatown rising

Of restaurants and renewal in Vancouver’s modern Chinatown
Gord Kurenoff
Vancouver Sun
October 21, 2014

Albert Fok and Jordan Eng have had reasons to shake their heads in Vancouver’s evolving Chinatown, but they remain shocked how the winner of August’s Golden Dumpling Derby could digest 37 dumplings in two minutes. 1,166 more words


Holy Inspiration

Let Us Pray Together

Divine Refuge

Mary Will Help Thee


One Step More For Heaven

My Exile Is Finished 54 more words

Traditional Catholic

Intellectual Virtues

I was listening to a podcast this morning and wanted to share their message. The H2H (Hearth to Heart) podcast has short podcasts (under 15 minutes) for those who are leading in education and want to make a real difference. 239 more words

A Holistic Approach to Dating

For all you single ladies out there (and I guess single guys could benefit, too):

I’m not a dating “expert,” but here’s some stuff I learned along the way both from personal experience and having several friends who are much older and have shared their perspective. 1,595 more words

Abby Garrett