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Temple Wedding

I guess that this is the point in the ceremony where the couple make offerings for a life without want, and to show their faith, by making an offering to the temple gods, but no doubt someone will put me right on that. 90 more words


Temple Courtyard

A time to sit and rest for a while before the big event of the afternoon. Most of the village seems to have come to the temple and many are dressed in their best saris for the three weddings to which many of them have, no doubt, been invited.


Temple Elephant

A third view at the Virupaksha Temple. Outside the gateway there was a thriving business selling bananas to the visitors, and no doubt the temple elephant was the prime beneficiary. 53 more words



Ok…we like India again…

Hyderabad healed the wounds…Hampi fixed it all. We arrived at 8:30 after an 11 hour overnight train ride and were met with a tuk tuk driver welcoming us to Hospet and asking if we were headed to Hampi. 815 more words