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What is Ebola?

With the recent outbreak in West Africa, you might be wondering what Ebola actually is, and why the media are freaking out. Here is an all you need to know lesson on the deadly virus. 349 more words

Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea: Ecology Meets Economy

Ebola virus is back – but why?

Ebola virus is back, this time in West Africa, with over 350 cases and a 69% case fatality ratio. 238 more words


Na wa for this ''Ebola Virus'' Oh! SEE SOMETHING [Obama's summit with Africa leaders]

So do we now have to be dressing in gloves and raincoat now, covering our heads looking like masquerade? just like the picture you see above. 242 more words


CDC - Masters of the Obvious

Today, in the news, the Center for Disease Control is warning U.S. Citizens to not visit areas of Africa where the Ebola virus is running wild. 29 more words


OAU authorities Issues Red Alert on Ebola Virus.

In line with current trend of the Ebola virus and its primary source; the fruit bats, the school authority has released a statement addressing the students and staff as well. 174 more words

Oau Christians

Nanoid animates

Inside territories own by Architect Krull, dying or dead creatures restored to life by nanoid particle machines are rare. Almost exclusively, those that do exist are animated-by / infested with the 8-0-8 virus. 165 more words