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Dog Belonging to Nurse With Ebola Tests Negative for the Virus

Bentley, a dog belonging to Dallas nurse and Ebola patient Nina Pham, has tested negative for the virus, the City of Dallas said Wednesday.

The dog was tested amid fears that he might have contracted Ebola from his owner, who was infected at the Dallas hospital where she cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, the only person to die of Ebola in the United States. 87 more words

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Ebola in NYC(Harlem) via New York Times

So, I don’t know if you heard the news but yeah… Ebola is in New York City.  Read the article. I can’t wait til we are together again and we can talk about it. 696 more words

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Out Of Africa: The Pesky Similarities Between Thomas Duncan and Dr. Craig Spencer Deserve Inquiry...

Most intellectually honest people will admit US Ebola Patient Zero, Thomas Duncan, left Liberia -and came to the U.S.- knowing he was exposed to Ebola. 432 more words

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This is Ebola case #4, so far, and one hopes the last but we have been mislead to a point since the 21 day time frames is only at the 95% confidence level --- to get to 98% we must go to 42 days and even that means that two out of 100 will not show symptoms until must later!

Flu and Cold Season is Coming

The last time I got a cold or flu was February 2011. There were a few times since then that I felt like I was coming down with something, but I fought back quickly and was the victor. 642 more words

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Microbial fantasia #4



This finely tuned edge enchanted by chaos,

the equilibrium of its awareness

becoming ever more fluid

ever more graceful

ever more free

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The Question That Needs to Be Asked of the Ebola Fear Mongers

It is this:

Have your had your flu shot?

Between norovirus and winter vomiting disease, we’re going to have a lot of false alarms, if…

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Fucking Morons

Searching for the next Ebola in the Congo Basin

by Elaisha Stokes, AlJazeera

KISANGANI, Democratic Republic of Congo — At a crowded stall hidden deep in the the city’s central market, a group of women hover over charred pieces of meat. 189 more words