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The Power of ICTs

Purnoor T.

The creation of information and communications technology (ICTs) has played a vital role in the globalization of our world, and has contributed greatly to national economies. 302 more words

Science & Technology

Top 5 Things To Know About Viruses

During the fall and winter seasons, viruses and illnesses become a main focus of health problems. Viruses can be found on or in just about every material and environment on Earth; this prevalence makes contracting viruses effortless.  184 more words


Bacteria. Viruses. Good. Bad...

Normally, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Clostridium novyi.

The rod-shaped bacterium is commonly found in soil, manure or under rotting leaves. When it invades a human body, it releases flesh-eating toxins. 126 more words


Better than your GP - better than A&E

Staying healthy is important, right?

It’s the key to a happy life, doing what you want to do, being yourself – everything.

So would you take pills to help you keep well? 767 more words

Hydrogen Peroxide

Killer viruses: get yourself some protection

Blink and you might miss it.

Tucked away amongst today’s latest is a nifty device to sterilise make-up brushes . A few minutes and no more bacteria. 837 more words

Hydrogen Peroxide

On The Road Again

“Why are you up so early?”
I had the alarm set for 5:30 am and before it went off H was up making noise, turning on lights, and opening and closing doors. 374 more words

Just Another Dribble And Drab!

Vote NHS-bashers to a very nasty place

It couldn’t be more shocking – the news that UK cancer survival rates are below Third World.

Even more sensational is that one of these Third World countries is Malaysia, possibly one of the most advanced in Asia. 821 more words