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Healing Infections, Sicknesses, and Cuts

In the beginning of learning about essential oils, I had an AMAZING experience with Frankincense! I have asthma and at the time, I had what I didn’t know was pneumonia on top of that. 1,459 more words

Health And Healing

Today's health: queasy tum, germy, flu later

You wear a raincoat if it rains – probably carry an umbrella.

But how about a germcoat?

Every day, every one of us moves around with a personal aura of around 3 million microbes – smaller than raindrops or dust, hanging onto us by our own static charge. 884 more words

Hydrogen Peroxide

The Norovirus Demagoguery Starts Here

In light of Republican efforts to stoke fear over Ebola, I have decided to become the Czar of All Ebolas. OK, not really. But I figure, if conservatives can use an imaginary, non-existent threat to affect policy and politics, then we can too. 349 more words

Public Health

Yes Ma'am, this is a worldwide threat

Worse than Ebola? Yes, definitely.

But not so ugly. Not so compelling to our morbid fascination with blood and pain and suffering.

Yesterday, Her Majesty the Queen… 647 more words

Hydrogen Peroxide

52 Weeks Old

I’ve been writing this blog every other Friday since the week after you were born and we’ve now finally reached the one year mark, minus a day (officially your birthday is tomorrow and I’m going to write an extra blog about your actual birthday). 978 more words

Baby Diary

Coliphage as Human-Virus Surrogates

Gerba CP, Abd-Elmaksoud S, Newick H, El-Esnawy NA, Barakat A, Ghanem H. Assessment of Coliphage Surrogates for Testing Drinking Water Treatment Devices. Food and Environmental Virology. 208 more words

Water Treatment

Vital Tips for Computer Users Looking for Internet Security

The ever-evolving viruses, worms, Trojans and malware often cost many home users and corporate Pc users a little fortune and lot of hassle. The recent advent of applications has made it easier for virus writers to create latest and sophisticated viruses and spread it quickly without the user’s knowledge. 371 more words