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Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program Re-Opening

Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program Re-opening

April 24, 2014

The popular Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program will be re-opening as of May 1st, 2014. They will now be accepting applications under 50 different occupation codes, with a maximum of 25,000 applications being accepted, up from last years 5,000. 270 more words

Comment la France doit s’adapter à l’afflux de touristes chinois

Un article du journal Les Echos

Publié le 23/04 | 17:05 | Par Gabriel GRESILLON

Les demandes de visas de Chinois ont bondi de 40 % depuis la création d’une procédure accélérée. 569 more words

Etude De Marché

My Medical Examination Experience

So finally, things are under way to get me to Hong Kong to get my work visa. Because I was so busy, I forgot I actually needed to go, until another teacher told me he was going to get his Medical Examination. 634 more words

China 2014

Low interest credit cards

A lot of people just look at low interest credit cards when they are looking to get a credit card for themselves. The credit card suppliers too advertise low interest credit cards more that any other kind of credit cards. 16 more words


Credit cards processing

It comes as a surprise how credit cards have found their way into our lives (and out wallet). Credit cards have gradually turned into becoming a necessity (rather than luxury). 23 more words


Credit Card

What is a Credit Card?
Put simply, a credit card is just a small piece of plastic that easily fits in your wallet. Well, it’s not ‘just a piece of plastic’; it’s a very powerful piece of plastic which can be regarded as a compressed form of cash. 13 more words


Credit card deal

What is a ‘good credit card deal?’
You must have heard people say – ‘I got a good credit card deal’. So if you happen to be looking for a credit card at that moment, do you just go with what your friend has told you as a good credit card deal? 16 more words