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Visa for Ecuador

Greg and I travelled to Phoenix on Tuesday for an appointment at the Ecuadorean Consulate to apply for our 6 month Visa. It has taken us months to obtain certified and apostilled copies of our birth certificates, marriage license, our background checks, round trip airline tickets, proof of financial solvency, etc., but we DID it. 194 more words

American Ex-pats

H-4 Work Authorization Possible in the Fall

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed extending employment authorization eligibility to spouses of H-1B employees if the H-1B employee is the beneficiary of an approved Immigrant Petition (form I-140) or the H-1B employee is eligible to extend his stay beyond the 6-year limit under sections 106(a) and (b) of AC21.  82 more words

Interim Work Authorization for Extensions for More Visas

Most Human Resources managers know the “240-Day Rule” which provides that employees on H-1B, L-1 and O visas (among others) may continue to work for up to 240 days after their status expires as long as the employer has timely filed a petition extending their stay (“timely filed” means filed before their status expires) and that petition is still pending with USCIS.However, that rule did not include Australian employees on E-3 visas, or Singaporean and Chilean workers on H-1B1 visas because those visa classifications were created after the 240-Day Rule. 58 more words


What is the Immigration Quota Backlog?

This article explains the Employment-Based Immigration Quota System, including definitions and significance of the quota backlog and cut-off date.

A. The Immigration Quota System

The U.S. 424 more words


ئه‌ڵمانیا مه‌رجى زمانى بۆ ڤیزاى وڵاته‌كه‌ى لاده‌بات

حكومه‌تی ئه‌ڵمانیا بڕیاری هه‌ڵپساردنی مه‌رجی زمانی بۆ پێدانی ڤیزه‌ی وڵاته‌كه‌ی ده‌ركرد، دوای ئه‌و بڕیاره‌ش له‌‌مه‌ودوا هیچ داواكارییه‌كی ڤیزه‌ی ئه‌ڵمانیا به‌هۆی نه‌زانینی زمانه‌وه‌ ره‌تناكرێته‌وه‌.

تۆبیاس پلاته‌، وته‌بێژی وه‌زاره‌تی ناوخۆی ئه‌ڵمانیا رایگه‌یاند” دیوانی دادوه‌ریی یه‌كێتی ئه‌وروپا رۆژی ١٠ی ته‌مووز له‌بڕیارێكدا مه‌رجی زمانی بۆ پێدانی ڤیزه‌ و پێكهاته‌ی ئه‌و خانه‌وادانه‌ی داوای ڤیزه‌ ده‌كه‌ن به‌نایاسایی له‌قه‌ڵه‌مدا، بۆیه‌ حكومه‌تی ئه‌ڵمانیاش له‌وباره‌یه‌وه‌ لێكۆڵینه‌وه‌ی كردو تا ئه‌و كاته‌ی لێكۆڵینه‌وه‌كان بگه‌نه ‌ئه‌نجام له‌بواری پێدانی ڤیزه‌دا”.

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UK Visa

Today I got a notification informing me my UK Visa had been denied. According to them I didn’t fulfill the evidence of monetary funds requirement. This means the documents I provided didn’t show the necessary amount of money they asked for, for the exact period of time they require it to be on the account. 368 more words


31st July: Home Office

Ah, the sweet envelope which I was expecting for a long time finally arrived my doorstep in just below 10grams of weight to take away my 10 days of mental weight. 9 more words