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Guimaras Island Hopping: There's More to Guimaras than the World's Sweetest Mangoes

Guimaras Island. World’s Sweetest Mangoes. Those two are often associated with each other. Do you know that Guimaras Island offers more other than the reportedly world’s sweetest mangoes? 211 more words


Negros Backpacking: Market Day in Malatapay!

Malatapay is the small village you will have to pass by before taking on a boat to Apo Island. It is also known for it’s Wednesday Market Day where farmers and herders sell their goods and their cattle. 304 more words


Negros Backpacking: Apo Island!

This is by far, our favorite island destination in the coconut republic!

We especially love the nice people and the quiet ambiance, and ohhh the beautiful, pristine beach! 650 more words


Remembering A Year After Haiyan

It’s been a year after super typhoon Haiyan struck the central region of Philippines. A year after and yet not everyone has completely recovered from the devastation. 170 more words


Boracay Island: a Postcard-sized Tropical Paradise

From a largely untouched lush island, Boracay was transformed into a prime tourist haven. The island characterized  for its glistening, powdery white sand beach and crystal clear waters now enjoys the reputation as the Crown Jewel of the Philippine tourism industry. 886 more words

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A Fun Experience With Skin-Nibbling Fish

“I never thought that resisting was futile and letting fish eat me alive could be such a fun experience … I dipped my feet on the beginner tank on the first day then happily came back for the Extreme and Super Extreme Fish Tank the next day.” 606 more words

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7 Unusual Foods you should try in Kalibo, Aklan

Binakol nga Manok – a native spring chicken cooked with young coconut water and meat with ‘tang-ead’ and ‘eabihig’ leaves in a fresh bamboo tube. 157 more words

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