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‘Eat nasty food once per 2 weeks,‘ said my nutrition therapist

Many people consider diet as some cruel torture full of hunger. Well, not with my nutrition therapist. I’ve been actually ordered today to eat nasty food once per 2 weeks, but the reason for it is actually not that amusing as it might seem at the first sight. 613 more words

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Finding motivation in fat facts- Bringing Sexy Back!

When Paula Beckton was selected as a contestant on Channel 7’s Bringing Sexy Back, she weighed 101 kilograms. However, Paula had convinced herself that the figure was only a number. 693 more words

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BMI 25.0, from obesity to normal weight in 9 weeks, 17 kg/37.5 lbs down!

I did it! I finally accomplished the original target of my weight losing mission I achieved BMI 25.0! I’m normal weight again and I did it within 9 weeks, in fact I started on Monday September 8th and I woke up today, November 18th, with this weight I could be happy with if my body fat was lower. 313 more words


Visceral Fat

Visceral Fat Rating:

This measurement is a rating of the visceral fat in your body. We all store fat in different places, but fat stored in the abdominal cavity (aka visceral fat) places you at greater risk for certain diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and the onset of type 2 diabetes. 77 more words