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Yes Victoria, you can burn fat while you sleep

Well, good news — when you are not exercising, your body creates heat (Thermogenesis) through activating brown-adipose-tissue (BAT).  And what does creating heat mean? It means burning calories. 266 more words

Sumo belly

So yesterday I ate like a Sumo wrestler… well, not entirely but certainly my post 4pm behavior was spot on. I went out with friends, drank beer, had dinner at 9pm, then went to bed. 407 more words

She is the couch

I was at a meeting the other evening and there was a woman who is new to the product line that I work with and she’s enormous. 512 more words

I've changed my mind

Yah, yah, yah — I said I’d be talking about telomeres today but I’ve changed my mind. After barre class last night I met a woman who is a PhD clinical researcher at Harborview Medical Center here in Seattle. 214 more words

Fatties Abound

I live in an area that it pretty health conscious. Seattle has tons of bicyclists and most people walk around town rather than drive. This changes when you leave the metropolitan area. 276 more words

Visceral Fat and Insulin Resistance

So not only is it gross to think of fat surrounding your organs and leeching out badness, visceral fat can up your chances of getting diabetes. 155 more words

Back to the Belly

Having a poochy belly of subcutaneous fat (that which is just below the skin) is perfectly normal. But if you’re as little as 2 to 5 pounds overweight, fat is probably going deeper into your abdomen — and then it’s known as visceral fat. 256 more words