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1 Month of New Lifestyle - A Question of Honor

It’s already 1 month since my lifestyle has instantly changed from the ground up. One morning I entered the doctor’s examination room and an hour later my life turned upside down. 487 more words

Daily Life

Location of Body Fat Can Increase Hypertension Risk

People with fat around their abdominal area are at greater risk of developing hypertension when compared to those with similar body mass index but fat concentrations elsewhere on the body… 276 more words


New Diet, New Exercise – More Food and More Things to Do

Today was quite a busy day for me full of new information. And all positive I must say. My nutrition consultant told me to eat more and more regularly. 664 more words


The Diet

I woke up early this morning, almost according to my new life schedule, to have my morning rehabilitation exercise done before I was leaving to my nutrition consultant. 342 more words


About Belly Fat

Yesterday I read an article about belly fat from one of my personal trainer/health coach publications and I wanted to share a high-level overview. The article included a lot of science so I’ve narrowed it down to the good stuff. 308 more words


Body Measure Dexa Scanner explained on Channel Seven's "Bringing Sexy Back"

Bringing Sexy Back has broken the mould on the misinformed belief that weight loss is the key to health. The reality is that fat loss, not weight loss is the best measure of a person’s health improvement. 460 more words