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Throat Chakra -- Say What?!?!

*Ahem* Excuse me, I was clearing my throat.

Anyway, on to the throat chakra aka vishuddha in Sanskrit meaning “especially pure”.  Represented by the color blue, I like to call this the “speak your truth” chakra. 561 more words


express yourself!

Have you ever found yourself eager to sing out loud? Have you ever hummed the lyrics of your favorite song when you are taking a bath, driving or alone at home? 1,278 more words

Chakra - Throat

Today I would like to focus on the Throat Chakra, which is out of balance when we can’t find a way to express ourselves.

The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha (vi-shu-ddha) is located at your throat, the larynx to be more specific, and the associated color is blue. 550 more words


Need to Open Up your Throat Chakra?

Clogged Throat Chakra?  Does your vishuddhi (Vishuddha) (विशुद्ध)

Writers Block?  Communication Problems?

Two great tunes, these guys are hits in the charts!  Take 50 minutes out of your day to do this work. 9 more words