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"What is meant for you, will not pass you." Verena Aibel

Today, I was driving to a client’s and found myself behind a funeral procession. I decided to go to the next exit and bypass them. Well, by the time I had doubled around, I got to a stop light and had to laugh: there was the same procession of cars passing before me. 160 more words

Digital Photography


Making the transition from a Krevolin-style adaptation to a Cornellian visualization of Mr. Penumbra is perhaps the easiest when it comes to visibility, for obvious reasons. 137 more words



As far as relating the visuals of the novel to Krevolin’s guidelines for adaptation, I see the bookstore visualization as a symbol for the challenge Clay must overcome. 115 more words



This novel has a great many images which are essential to the development of the story.  Probably the most important is Clay’s digital model of the bookstore, which helps him solve the mystery of the founder’s puzzle. 164 more words


#91 Replace Leaky Heater Core / Window Fogging

As mentioned in task #87, while checking for coolant leaks I discovered that the heater core was leaking.  I fixed the bigger leak at the upper radiator hose and left this heater leak for later.  1,611 more words


According to Calvino

The memo on visibility is begun by paraphrasing a passage from Dante’s Inferno, in which Dante’s visions become progressively more and more inward, as visuals flash before his eyes. 290 more words



For the concept of visibility, I chose the E-Lit work Dawn by author Alan Sondheim. Dawn combines text, photography, and sound to create a rich thoughtful poem about life and death. 92 more words