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High-Visibility Running

I have the hardest time motivating myself to go running once the weather turns bad. And now it’s dark earlier and it’s going to be raining until next July 5th. 245 more words



The usability of a system is improved when its status and methods of use are clearly visible.

The usability of a system increased when it is clearly indicate their status, the possible actions that can be performed and the consequences of the actions once performed.  96 more words


Campus event: Lecture on Latina In/Visibility in Pop Culture

The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies here at UT (where I earnt my MA) are sponsoring a lecture next Wednesday at 4pm which will be of interest to those of you interested in the representation of women of colour in popular culture … looks good!

Other Announcements

Dong Shin 10.24.2014

  • deployed new FA/RA – fixed Sep not showing
  • configurable access to FA –
    • added allowedUserTyps to setUpModel.xml
  • trouble shooting Export to Viz
    • looks like the row size is too big…
  • 33 more words

Do you have optimal visibility of your supply chain?

Has your supplier in Asia shipped? Is the product stuck in customs? Has the product been in transit longer than it should have? The constant need to know where your inbound shipments from suppliers are and outbound to customers requires strict control, visibility, and traceability along your global supply chain and you don’t have time to check every shipment. 127 more words


Dong Shin 10.22.2014

  • deployed new FA – fixed Appropriation Years not showing up in Financial Data Editor
  • generated doc’s for database stuff and checked in to Documentation/DatabaseDocs
  • working on converting FinancialAssistant server project to Spring/JSON