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Trouble in store

I picked up the John Lewis “Future Thinking” technology brochure at the weekend. It’s a beautiful production brim full of stuff i would like to buy. 553 more words

Shutting Up: On writing, audience, and representation

Every writer has a pile of drafts that have never been published. Some of it just doesn’t deserve to see the light of day, but other drafts? 3,755 more words


Response To "Nothing Natural About Celibacy"

Response to Tom Elliot’s editorial piece: “Nothing Natural About Celibacy”:

Dear Mr. Elliot

I want to respond to the editorial piece you wrote ‘Nothing Natural About  Celibacy’ (Herald Sun, 30/8/2014, p. 232 more words


Dong Shin 08.29.2014

  • added new contract (not COGNOS) and invoice tabs to RA
  • working on Monthly Data Status
    • new query to get status for FA (RequisitionsView.mxml)
      • SELECT IF(ISNULL(oo.month_1), ‘OVERDUE’, ‘CURRENT’) AS status, bc.* FROM budget_centers bc LEFT JOIN obligations_outlays oo ON oo.funding_id = bc.uid WHERE oo.type LIKE ‘PM Actuals%’ AND oo.year + oo.year_count – 1 = 201) AS t LEFT JOIN __view_committed_totals AS ca ON t.uid = ca.budget_center_id LEFT JOIN projects AS p ON t.project_id = p.uid GROUP BY t.uid ORDER BY t.uid

Dong Shin 08.28.2014

  • change the status in RA to look at PM Actuals (18th is the cut off day)
  • remove DFAS Paid from invoice…
  • working on adding contracts in RA – done …
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Dong Shin 08.27.2014

  • deployed new FA/RA with contract/invoices and lab… not quite working right
    • Fix field changing bug caused by addition of Lab.
    • Lockdown baseline rows so only Admin’s can edit them.
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10 Things You Should Stop Saying To LGBTQ People

I’d be surprised if the majority of this wasn’t meant jokingly or rather was the result of genuine unawareness that it could be hurtful. Let’s establish this, because I do not think that people  1,182 more words