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Dong Shin 07.31.2014

  • deployed new FA
  • fixed On-time queries on-site
  • fixed obligation, outlay, PM actuals status not setting correctly
  • fixed height for FMP content

Dong Shin 07.29.2014

  • moved all calculated values/columns from __view_project_detailed_data to QueryConfig
  • added groupByColumns to QueryConfig to support Req’s by Project queries..
  • working on FMP

Simple steps to make your blog visible in search engines

Whether you are blogging newbie or a blogging junkie, it can be difficult to ensure that your blog is visible in search engines and to make the searcher choose your link over others displayed. 202 more words

Traveling by a Float Plane

Today is unfortunately my last day in Alaska, this time tomorrow I’ll be back home in Florida!
But first we had to get out of our secluded little town, and the only way to do that is by boat or float plane. 91 more words


Dong Shin 07.28.2014

  • deployed new FA with Req’s by Project queries
    • found that Query Builder adds where and group by clause – fixed
    • not saving queries – fixed…
  • 25 more words


Queer As Cat – “Aphobia Exists”

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions sexual and other violence as well as discrimination and bullying. Proceed with caution if this is triggering for you.  450 more words


Can't Always Eat Cake

While my lover was away I burnt my toast. Everything I tried came out wrong. When I wrote a thick black choked knot coughed its way to the surface. 872 more words