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Getting creative with Quotes

This week I have been having fun with colours and layouts and adding my quotes to them. Love to know what you think of them . 16 more words

Stepping into My Voice

So I was really inspired by some video bloggers I discovered the last few days and realized that there was a part of their work, their style that is IN me, that I really wanted to unleash a bit more. 253 more words


Dong Shin 11.24.2014

  • on-site
    • cleaned up COGNOS data so that correct appropriations are mapped
    • deployed new FinancialAssistant.jar with appropriation fix
    • sanity checked new data upload
    • Lenny will upload complete (?) data set…
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Dong Shin 11.21.2014

  • no deploy today, but fixed __view_project_detailed_data
  • Lenny needs to send me an email about Reqonciler issues/proposed changes

Obnoxious is the New Cool

It can be a gamble logging onto Facebook in the morning: whose old Facebook statuses and embarrassing photos will clutter your newsfeed this time? Will it be from the stalking of one person, or multiple people? 551 more words


Dong Shin 11.20.2014

  • verified that 100% PM Actuals data update works correctly, need to test it on-site
  • fixed missing Appropriation column in Financial Assistant server
  • new queries to try for Direct Cite/Reimbursable tomorrow

When Relevance and Timing Align - The Sell Happens

This week I was asked to present my “3 Keys to Sales Success – Visibility, Relevance and Timing” at the BNI luncheon in Boise, Idaho. 462 more words