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Digital Literacy Test: Can I Find You?

One of the most basic literacy skills is categorization. Without this element, whatever you’ve created will go to the dreaded “Uncategorized” section of the Internet, the library, and never access the reader’s mind. 256 more words



Today i saw the film ‘Pride’.
Among the gay community, ‘pride’ is the name synonymous with the summer festivals which take place in every major town in the country and the idea of being ‘out and proud’. 1,183 more words

Coming Out

Dong Shin 09.22.2010

  • got the user login to talk to the test server
  • working on server side.
    • Grails reverse-engineering with JSON get/post support?
    • starting with users table
    • Eclipse Juno not working well with Hibernate Tools…
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Queers against climate change?

Took the 8yr old daughter to a protest against climate change today.  I love doing things like that with her which broaden her horizons a bit more than school and the usual day to day.   297 more words

Dong Shin 09.19.2014

  • start using WebStorm! Eclipse JavaScript development not working well with AngularJS
    • change default IDE settings – https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/23348963
    • modify C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\WebStorm 8.0.4\bin\idea.properties file
      • idea.config.path=${user.home}/Dropbox/DEV/webstorm/config
      • idea.system.path=${user.home}/Dropbox/DEV/webstorm//system…
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Dong Shin 09.18.2014