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Because No One Wants Their Run To End Up As A Cautionary Tale: Tips For Exercising Safely Outdoors.

Spring has sprung, we all get to exercise outside (yippee!!), and I thought it might be a good idea to pass along some tips on how not to get hit by a car while you are exercising, as well as how not to hit someone who is exercising while you’re driving. 1,058 more words

I'm just a person.

I mentioned in my last post that I had a conversation with my regional field director this weekend about disability issues in politics.  My RFD is a really nice guy, but the stuff he said made it really clear that he has little or no experience with disability. 1,042 more words

Dong Shin 04.14.2014

  • fixed Funded Budget showing 0 in RA
  • working on new Query Builder

Madness part 2: processes of emerging inter-visibility

The second post in the madness series, describing the run-up to my PhD submission! Last time I wrote about why visibility networks might be an interesting method in archaeology. 1,004 more words

Sometimes It Is Perfectly OK to Hide Under the Bed

There are no monsters under my bed. I know that for fact because I’ve been under there and aside from a few dusty shoe boxes and a dust bunny or two, there isn’t much there. 823 more words

To Do

eBay Invisibility

Well it seems like my latest run in with the overlords at eBay has been somewhat of an epic journey to say the very least. 1,765 more words


Skewing the Data: Mixed-Race Identity & The Problem of Counting for Race

A few weeks ago, I attended a panel hosted by the Institute for Gender, Race, and Sexuality at the University of British Columbia, entitled “CWILA and the Problem of Counting for Race.” 2,787 more words