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When Relevance and Timing Align - The Sell Happens

This week I was asked to present my “3 Keys to Sales Success – Visibility, Relevance and Timing” at the BNI luncheon in Boise, Idaho. 462 more words


Dong Shin 11.19.2014

  • modifying __view_project_detailed_data to use the REGEXP for po_reference column – done
  • working on Direct Cite/Reimbursable queries..
  • created scripts to start project_portfolio_enh database (bare minimum to start up) …
  • 54 more words


Reflections show they are

meant to see not me.

Instead a mask I create

to hide.

And me, not knowing I am

beneath the shallow visage… 33 more words

Conscious Living

Behind Visibility

What does the rain have to say to you?

Did you listen to it lately?

Something behind the whispers, behind the hushing sound…

Behind its cold breaths, behind its tears? 141 more words


Dong Shin 11.18.2014

  • working on master table to include required fields for Direct Cite/Reimbursable processing
    • query to summarize Direct Cite/Reimbursable
    • SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(requisition_id),
      MAX(obligation_date) AS obligation_date,
      MAX(expensed_date) AS expensed_date,
  • 160 more words

Dong Shin 11.17.2014

  • working on Query Builder to support the new requirements…
    • removed all unused parts in QueryBuilderWindow….