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Stargardt Starting

I was ten years old. Sat in the back corner of my fifth grade classroom. I couldn’t decipher the markings on the board. I raised my hand like any good student and requested to move forward to be able to read the board. 301 more words

White Cane Day

Today is White Cane Day!  Ander doesn’t always use it.  In fact, if we are familiar with the a location he will just leave it in the car.   512 more words


Happy Birthday Ms. Sophie!

My guide dog turned 5 years old yesterday. All day I pondered the ways she enriches my life and facilitates my independence. I celebrated her with extra hugs and special attentions and she ate it up. 316 more words

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Descriptive Video Works Makes Case For DV At CRTC Hearings

This past week, Diane Johnson, CEO and President of Descriptive Video Works, took part in the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission – the administrative tribunal that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications) hearings discussing the future of Canadian television. 642 more words

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Let's Learn About Guide Dogs

Sophie and I often visit school classrooms. Today we were invited to Oak Grove Elementary to speak to the pre-k class about guide dogs. This class has several students who are visually impaired and the teacher just completed a unit on “pets.” I shared a storybook with the teacher about a guide dog and she read it to the children ahead of time. 359 more words

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