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Proposal for the Development of Urban Agriculture

Hello all!  I’ve been researching and writing for a few days on the topic of urban agriculture.  It’s a subject that is near and dear to me, which I have spent much time studying over the past few years.   90 more words


Trans humanist philosophy :

Don’t read this if you have a closed mind.

As If we need more problems in the world here is one that is going to blow the minds of our children’s children. 902 more words

A Vision of Hope: Ali in her sixties...

The sixpence dropped just past the middle of my fifties – and now, punting my way down the Cherwell of my sixties, I am happier, more fulfilled and calmer than I can ever remember being! 721 more words


Back to the Future: George Washington’s Prophetic Vision

At first blush, anything to do with George Washington may seem to have little connection with the Civil War. Yet there is more than one incident in which Washington, or some spectral entity resembling him, influenced the outcome of events relating to the Late Unpleasantness.  1,229 more words

The American Civil War