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Mother, still my soul

Mother, still my soul

1 August 2014

Mother, answer me

Where are your sons?

Your dried bosom

Will not bring the pink back

Into our lives they darken… 158 more words


Executive Order to Detain Americans Who have a Booger

Ok, Obama’s newest executive order isn’t really about boogers but it might as well be.  That anti-christ just signed an executive order saying that the federal government can detain Americans who have respiratory illness, 297 more words



In one of my earlier messages I said that I had been a committed Atheist until 1979, when God began to very undeservedly bless me with Dreams and Visions and other Supernatural experiences.  677 more words


The Spirit and the Skull by J. M. Hayes

The Spirit and the Skull is a Paleolithic murder mystery that unfolds into something deeper and wider. Raven is the aging Spirit Man of a tribe that calls themselves the People. 250 more words

Book Review

Ebola is a Bioweapon

I have been contemplating the Ebola outbreak lately.  I read everything I could find online and suggest you research.  I am not here to convince or post links as evidence, but rather to say when I think from meditation/prayer/vision and reading. 489 more words


Meditation/Dream about Purpose

Yesterday I did a long meditation about finding ‘purpose’ in life and then I went to sleep.  In my dream I found myself in the big red chair again looking at photos and the robed people were talking to me.   810 more words