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Play Visions Crayola Bath Dropz 2.68 oz

Play Visions offers a new and unique line of Crayola-branded bath products. Kids can create their own are masterpieces on tile or tub walls-everything washes off quickly with water. 22 more words


I am not trying to be creepy or alarming about my suicide messages here.  I had a friend from childhood who committed suicide this week.  I want to say this, seems twitter and facebook are causing a suicide purge.   48 more words


Bitcoin and Terrorism

I made a prediction over a year ago that I kept getting bad dreams/feelings about Bitcoin.  In theory, I like the idea of Bitcoin.  A lot of my friends are really excited about Bitcoin and alternative currencies.   159 more words


Jesus Came To Me

Last night was now the third time I had the same vision. I know that maybe it could be because of my unknown condition, but I know also that I have an ability and I don’t say that to separate me from others, but to just make sense of it, for you’re understanding. 372 more words


The Mid-Year Of 2014 "V"3

エンギモノ? ですのでまァ、私の2014年前半ベスト3を、3ple A Plays! (曲をそれぞれclick! で、リンク)

3 Stay The Night | ZEDD featuring HAYLEY WILLIAMS

2 You & I (Nobody In The World) | JOHN LEGEND… 9 more words


Public Executions for Convicted Banker Elites?

I fell asleep smoking my catnip pipe and had the most lovely dream.  I don’t think it was simply indigestion from my Fancy Feast with Cheese.   52 more words


September/October 2014 Warning

I am noticing a pattern of people talking about September/October 2014 and Yom Kippur / Rosh Hashanah time frame (Sept. 23-Oct 3). People are warning that this could be a time for financial collapse.   223 more words