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A Leap Of Faith.

By Caroline Clemson.

An exciting time travel romance. It is the reverse of the “normal” type. In this story the woman comes forward in time. 256 more words

Paranormal /magical Romance

No Skipping ...

Drives me crazy when Daily Goodness gets skipped…URGH!!!

Its daily for pete’s sake…!!!…

Magical people like to inspire other people.

Think in terms of abundance and increasing the size of the pie for all. 227 more words

Code of Love

Spirits of the world
Rising in remembrance
The prophesies hidden in a heart
That the heartless couldn’t ponder
I’ll hold your weight as you descend… 23 more words


I'M Your Mother!!!!

July 11, 2014

I’m tied of these ungrateful children thinking they can talk to their mother like she wasn’t nobody ,they feel like they can say anything to their mothers I’ve heard the cries of too many mothers about the way they have been treated by their children mothers who made sure they had a roof over their heads, worked several jobs to make sure they had clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet good strong mothers who didn’t eat to make sure they had enough food in their bellies. 400 more words



Revelation: The act of revealing, a striking of surprising disclosure.

The first thing God I asked was to give me the gift of ask for decerment of spirits he reveal your spirit first and lets you see yourself because how can you have that gift presented to you when you don’t see you. 131 more words


Play Visions Crayola Bath Dropz 2.68 oz

Play Visions offers a new and unique line of Crayola-branded bath products. Kids can create their own are masterpieces on tile or tub walls-everything washes off quickly with water. 22 more words


I am not trying to be creepy or alarming about my suicide messages here.  I had a friend from childhood who committed suicide this week.  I want to say this, seems twitter and facebook are causing a suicide purge.   48 more words