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NapoWriMo 18 - The Mirrorless Image

We seek so hard to know one another

to know ourselves, so much like mother

And in our quest to learn more

we see ourselves begin to smother… 167 more words


Lay ‘neath the night,
Upon Luna’s sight,
And behold, behold,
This lover’s untold:

Her skin, painted lavish and white;
An effect of nature’s true light. 48 more words


(Video) Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian, via Maryann Rada: Pleiadians Now You Are Called

Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian: Pleiadians Now You Are Called, channeled by Maryann Rada, April 24, 2014, at http://timetransformers.wordpress.com

What does it mean to be Pleiadian? We as a people are in the process of discovering that for ourselves, not by merit of the placement of our sun but by the light that we are recognizing in ourselves and each other as something new, divine, and at our core, remembered. 28 more words


Sydney music night, VISIONS, returns for 2nd time

VISIONS a fairly new music night is back for round two and will open at one of Sydney’s newest venues, Cliff Dive, around the corner from Oxford Art Factory. 155 more words


Choosing Dreams

When I finally learned in this lifetime the level of my greatness…

Now, on a hill in Portland near amanita muscaria

…That it is on par with the great leaders I’ve come across already in this lifetime… 709 more words


wren reblogged this on falling leaves as they come and commented:

i wrote this over a year and a half ago on a solo bike trip up and down the NW coast.. still rings so true today! living out dreams one step at a time <3

2014 04 22 Poetry: Or Am I

Or Am I

I lie awake in morning hours
Stepping out from cluttered dreams
Dusting out the cobwebbed drawers
Waking up, or so it seems… 175 more words