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How it pays to be a Plain Jane: Having a average-looking face makes you appear more trustworthy

The researchers created a ‘typical’ face by digitally combining 92 female faces. They also created an ‘attractive’ face. The typical face and the attractive face were then merged together. 240 more words


Pupillometry – The Cutting Edge of Mind Control

by Buck Rogers, Waking Times

Big brother is here, and he has some shocking new technologies up his sleeve that give him unprecedented access to your thoughts, feelings and intentions. 503 more words


Final independence

An Advance Directive sets out a plan for end of life care. Photo by Cory Hendrickson/Gallery Stock

Nobody wants a protracted, dehumanised death: why is it still so easy for doctors to ignore a dying patient’s wishes? 422 more words


Framed by forensics

Unreliable evidence: a police line-up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, c. 1950 – 1965. Photo by Charles ‘Teenie’ Harris/Getty

Junky, out-of-date science fuels jury errors and tragic miscarriages of justice. 664 more words


How God Speaks To Us With Non-Verbal Messages [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

God’s message won’t always be verbal. Listen to the latest edition of Points of Power in the audio player to hear AV discuss how God speaks to us through visions, and why it’s important to believe and pay attention to them. 106 more words

Faith And Spirit

Inner Sight

I did not sleep much last night and as I type this my eyes are heavy and my head is slightly aching in the right frontal cortex. 887 more words


How is Your Personality Is Linked To Your Health?

by April McCarthy, Prevent Disease, Waking Times

Researchers have found new evidence that explains how some aspects of our personality may affect our health and wellbeing… 1,044 more words