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Day 14 - Then And Now

The Faces Of Love

In the vast distance

and from the peripheral vision

I thought I saw them

the languid and laudable

faces of love. The semblance… 341 more words

The Book of Revelation – Part 80 – Application – The Nature of Revelation as Prophecy

It is often said without challenge that the Book of Revelation is prophetic because it is apocalyptic literature.  I am not going to challenge that it is prophetic but I am going to try to recall to all of us what exactly that means.  1,180 more words



Hello, my readers and friends! You haven’t heard much from me in the last few weeks. At first, I took a break because I did’t know what to write, and over the last ten-or–so days I have been in the hospital, severely ill. 203 more words


Would Anyone Even Care if the White House Were Nuked?

Today North Korea is fearmongering again about bombing the White House, READ HERE.  These threats remind me of those comical videos North Korea put out last year about bombing the USA.   241 more words


the fern on the wall.

the sun scarred seven in the evening
on the wallpaper’s white, a shade of willow
crowning my skull with a pigment haze, umbrella pales
+ all – 142 more words



Doubt…It’s a dirty word in many circles. Doubt leaves room for laziness and failure. We shove doubt under the rug and worship wholeheartedly at the altar of certainty. 609 more words

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Beyond Gender; Transgenders, the Five Sexes and Transgender Transhumanism

In the future there will not be two sexes (Males and Female) for humanity but a variety of sexes and a fluid expression of genders.  I want to explain what I have dreamed, observed and think about the subject of genders now and in the future. 524 more words