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Sleep eternal

Sleep eternal

21 August 2014


The night closes in

Starless skin engulfs my frame

The road lies ahead

Winding maze I walk into

Garland in hand for my groom… 86 more words



Feeling un-homely at home

gazing through the window

recalling the thoughts and scenes

I had explored and witnessed:


some pleasant some not,

they are mixed memories, 86 more words


To Those Called to Be Creators - A Vision from the Tree of Life

I found myself suddenly sluggish recently.  I could have blamed my tiredness on hormonal shifts, the weather, energetic turbulence on Mother Earth or an unexpected flirtation with a sore throat thing.   485 more words


Of Snakes and Journeys

A year ago I began down a path through otherworlds and underworlds, where visions flowed like water from a tap. I met gods and spirits and came to know my disir, my ancestral and  family spirits, who guided my journey as a wolf, shark, and snake.  395 more words


Creation in the Darkness

I awoke to darkness as I have many times before. In front of me was a huge smattering of energy that hummed amber and gold. A mixture of what reminded me of fractal art and sound waves, circular “things” rotated on the outermost areas and the whole space was smattered with glitter and stars. 444 more words


Help Me

I fell asleep for less than one hour, awakening with a start from another evil nightmare. I cannot endure this any more. I feel sick – my stomach feels like it’s filled with writhing worms and there are stabbing pains shooting through my chest. 193 more words