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February Newsletter

The February edition of the Emmaus Visitor is on its way to mailboxes across the country; Click here to read our newsletter on line.

In this month’s issue: ♥ FaithWorks Readies Food Pantry ♥ Congregation Ratifies New Constitution ♥ Collection for Food Pantries ♥ Neighborhood Camp Scholarships ♥ Outreach Grants ♥ Offering Envelopes ♥ Pink Power Paddler Rummage Sale ♥ Green Canopy Health Benefits ♥ “Beyond Details and Lists”


Moonlight House - 31. Back in Town

New update in “Moonlight House”, Back in Town.

Sam’s parents, who he hasn’t seen in three years, pay him a surprise visit at Moonlight House. What will be Sam’s reaction when he sees them?

31. Back in Town


Moonlight House - 30. Doctor

New update in “Moonlight House”, Doctor.

Erin and Matt visit Rory in the hospital and receive positive news.

30. Doctor


A mystery visitor

After the lights were out and the workshop shut up for the night, an unexpected visitor came to check us out:

He’s interested in the leftover chicken curry, but wary of the circle of light from a torch fixed above the infra-red camera.


Knock! Knock!

Open your door

To let me in

Its cold outside

And in I wonder

What’s under

In truth of you to

Touch me tender

In my mourning… 41 more words


A whole day in San Luis Obispo for less than $10

You read that correctly.

A day already planned out for you from start to finish for $10. Start your day off in downtown SLO and end up in Avila Beach while only spending as much as $10 per person. 193 more words

FLEYE Quadcopter

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Overview: The innovative FLEYE is a Quadcopter that brings home stunning images from the locales it flies over. Combined with the app, it’s essentially a service that allows you to experience places that may be distant on paper but accessible via the app. 56 more words