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Unwanted Visitor

Nobody wants to let me in. But I come in anyway.

Like how ten days ago, I came into this house where a happy family lived: the daughter was jolly; the mother, loving; and the father, perfect in everything except for one thing— he had cancer. 496 more words

Short Story

Visitor’s guide to getting around in Addis Ababa. Part II: Old Lada Contract Taxis

5pm, it’s rush hour and the traffic is as crazy as ever. My taxi weaves erratically across lanes as pedestrians jostle for space amid the clamor of traffic police whistles, relentless honking and noisy construction sites. 649 more words

Addis Ababa

Software Language Engineering: The Visitor Pattern

This may feel like a slight detour; but believe me, it’s a necessary one. If you are already fully familiar with the Visitor pattern, you are free to skip this section. 1,550 more words

Michael Eric Oberlin

KITRCP295600BKTCO15300 Value Kit Tatco Visitor ArrivalDeparture Chime TCO15300 and

The tones from a lovely wind chime offers individuals the tranquility and serenity they bring about whenever you hear there tunes on a breezy day. There’s enough loud noise in the world. 212 more words

Nasi uduk

Makanan buat pagi ini gua bakal bahas nasi uduk.
Setiap pagi gua selalu bingung mau makan apa, dimana, sama siapa dan semalam berbuat apa … 23 more words


Karena bentar lagi pengen liburan, gua pengen kasih referensi liburan nih, men..
Ya, penyegaranlah.. setelah beberapa bulan ini sibuk dan sibuk..
Biar gak bingung mau jalan-jalan kemana, yuk kita ubeg ubeg di indonesia bagus :)

Orang terkaya

Orang Terkaya di Indonesia

Dinegara berkembang tidak hanya ada orang yang ingin maju aja. Tapi ada juga ada orang yang udah sukses.. malah sukses banget, loh! 27 more words