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An Early Morning Visitor

Dawn was breaking.

I simply love the loud chirping of the different varieties of birds early in the silent mornings. The birds were all fluttering out as if their mothers had cast them out of the nest to go to school or to earn their bread. 754 more words


Rescued: The Boxes

This is part three of a five part series called Rescued. Click here to go to the previous part or start at the beginning… 2,037 more words


Museum Doodles

I was at the museum yesterday afternoon to do some sketching. It was much easier to draw the stuffed animals than the people who were wandering around …


Tomorrow's Memory

“Let the little ones come to me, for they represent the essence of heaven.”     Matt. 19:14, sorta

My mother’s house was a magnet for children… 134 more words


Snakebusters! Friday 22nd August

Hi everyone.

Our “sacrifice beads” activity was indeed memorable, it went really well.  We have had reports of children using them assiduously since then! Many blessings no doubt will fall upon their households.   312 more words

Activity Days

Playing Favourites: Emily S. and Liz M., August 14, 2014

Where are you from?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What brings you to MIA? Is this your first visit?

Interest in Inuit culture after living in Kujjarapik. 52 more words

Playing Favourites