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A visitor

Yesterday, I had a visitor.

A very cute visitor.

Sadly, my visitor was  very aloof and scared of people. I wasn’t even able to touch him (I just presumed this visitor is male) and I was only able to give him few pieces of meat because he was even scared to move from where he is. 54 more words


Visit from the Bestie & Wagamama

On Friday evening one of my best friends from university came down to visit from Bath. We hadn’t seen each other since May and had so much to catch-up on. 540 more words


Pictures pictures pictures!

Okay, so I’m terrible at taking pictures. I don’t do it often enough and I am never in them myself, but here’s a few so far! 215 more words

Am I a consumer Christian?

(view original article here)

Richard Lacey, lead pastor of Woodgreen Evangelical Church, Worcester, asks the question

I was recently given a sabbatical by my church… 1,353 more words

Evangelism & Outreach

Visitor: An Extract

It came out from beneath the cover of the trees sometime after midnight, a haggard spectre whose movements alone, clumsy and pained, betrayed its corporeal nature. 201 more words

Creative Writing

How to Improve Your Website Visitor Experience - Make Them Want to Come Back!

How to Improve Your Website Visitor Experience.

Your website is now getting traffic.  We all know that website traffic if important because it could result in sales. 18 more words