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A Photo with a Frame

At a park in Gießen, some 60 kms (37 mls) north of Frankfurt.

Broncos Stadium Tour

Hello All,

I am slowly but surely emptying out my phone of all my summer vacation pictures. Ervin and I traveled to Colorado this summer for my girlfriend’s wedding that took place in Colorado Springs. 1,273 more words

Far And Away Adventures

Update: A Visitor / Hair Adventure

Hello everyone! I’ve been away for a bit as far as computer and pretty much everything. Which is odd for me not to Pinterest like it’s my job. 289 more words



I remember when I came in from the field there was a car in the driveway I didn’t recognize. It was a big car, more of a boat really, a beautiful black 1974 Buick sedan. 991 more words


The Son of the Place

Sometimes I feel not the calmness of the soul;
the tranquil place of serenity it rests in
as I fall into my subconscious state of mind, 203 more words


“Les Jumelles Au Cameroun”: The Wordpress Edition

Living a wifi-less life, bribing gendarmes to get my car out of being impounded, and bopping about Yaoundé’s happy hours are normally not activities I would mention on this blog– in fact, you may have noticed my recent decrease in blog posts, suggesting I find few day-to-day events worthy of commenting on here. 1,392 more words

Bowen Island

Bowen Island is just off Vancouver, about a fifteen or twenty minute ferry trip away.

I’d heard about it from my mum’s friend who used to live there, but I was seriously under-prepared for how beautiful it was going to be.  56 more words