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The Visitor

I saw her in the foyer as S.M. and I walked past. As we sat down in our customary seat in the front row, I observed through my peripheral vision, that the woman sat third row from the back at the end of the pew with her black purse sitting on her lap. 489 more words


Doll House Visitor

The dolls had an unexpected guest.
See if you can spot her. Haha….


Visit from Longtime Lutheran Hour Ministries Supporters

A group of visitors from the United States came to visit our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) ministry center on November 10, 2014.  Led by former Lutheran missionary to Thailand and director of the Garuna Foundation, Rev. 176 more words


From SF to NYC

She is here ! After two years apart, we finally can meet each other !

Actually I was supposed to go to San Francisco for an event, but my trip was cancelled so Cici decided to come here ! 260 more words


Posh Irish Bird...

As visitors to Irish gardens go…this bird ranks highly I think!

This apparently is a ‘Turaco‘, known in some African countries as a ‘go away bird’. 74 more words


Fall Behind, Hurry to Catch Up

I am a few thousand words short of where I should be if I want to stay on track. But the John and Sary’s story is slowly coming together. 684 more words


A Visitor’s Guide to getting around in Addis. Part I - Public Transportation

Relax. Welcome to the friendliest and arguably the safest city in Africa. No one will try to violently take your stuff from you; the worst that can happen is that someone will try to pickpocket you. 782 more words

Addis Ababa