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Head Porter's Visitor

I am beginning to suspect that Head Porter is not fooled in the slightest by the (admittedly rather far fetched) story about me helping The Dean select artwork for his rooms. 849 more words

Checking in for another year...

We are really just visitors on this incredible planet and even though we get to hang around for longer than birds and spiders our lives aren’t necessarily richer for that longevity.   289 more words

Cape Town


vibrant vivid anticipation


a golden day

weft of bouyancy and humor

warp of water and sky

into a tapestry of sustenance,

a magic carpet

Visitor from Norway, plus preparing for tomorrow´s jobinterview! What a great day!

Hello peeps!

Today my brother is coming to visit from Norway! Hurray hurray! Looking forward to it! Such a long time since I´ve seen him.  59 more words


the visitor

knock at your door

and peep through your window

and day dreaming of the scene

and its a crazy reality

and though you are sometimes… 54 more words


Beautiful Weather || What Do You Do With Your Time?

It is absolutely gorgeous today here in Oregon! It’s a roasting 64 degrees {because the humidity is hell} and I can already tell it’s going to be a really hot summer. 327 more words