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How to boost lead generation using visitor tracking – a case study

How I boosted my lead generation with visitor tracking software, in conjunction with blogging, pay per click, email and social media outreach. When you’re growing an audience, and converting website visitors into customers, you need a watertight marketing funnel. 136 more words

Red Eye

I got home from work today around 0500. Red eye flights are no fun… And less if you are the pilot. This one I got to nap through. 303 more words

Long Ez

Day 26: A Visitor

I remember when my mom came to visit. We had been living in Toronto for a number of years and had already returned to South Africa for a holiday. 317 more words


A Visitor

Today I had a special visitor. My granddaughter came to my apartment. She brightens the world with her radiant smile and bubbly spirit. Today, she even brightened my windows. 150 more words

Lessons Learned

Do I need a visa to visit Canada?

A visitor is a person who comes to Canada temporarily and is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. This includes tourists, people visiting family and friends, business travelers, foreign students, and temporary workers. 279 more words


History Dress Up

Today we had a visit from the author JR Ryan and Emer Donoghue from Tuam Library.  We learnt a lot about World War 1 and 2 and got to try out the different costumes and weapons for ourselves!