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I know it’s not much, considering how long I’ve been blogging here, but I thought I’d mention that today my tracker hit 500. That’s still a milestone of a kind, I suppose. Thanks to all my readers.



Week Five

It seemed almost impossible, but I have managed an entire month here in the city of fog. If someone had told me on that sleepless night before my flight how much I’d do in a month, I would have kicked them in the face and told them that I will never get out of bed again because I’m lazy. 571 more words

San Francisco

Kathy's Visit

We were so incredibly blessed to have our dear friend, Kathy (aka Grandma K/Noni) visit us this past week.  I feel like it was more for me than for anyone else as she helped me can 20 jars of different kinds of jams and make 18 freezer meals.   91 more words

Such Fun!

The gallery is a place of music and dance as well as Art

This selection of videos of visitors to the gallery involve some musical performance.

Denise, co-organiser of the Nick Drake Festival, talks about the festival, Nick Drake and sings a song in Dutch… 50 more words


31 Aug - Update

Today, there were so many activities happening at and around the garden. It was a busy day! :)

Steven Ng and his team from The Nature Company… 445 more words


Leblanc Family

I said to myself this morning, “Only crazy people will come out today in this weather!” Well, the couillons were out early! Those LeBlancs from Gonzales came and passed themselves a good time and bought them some Louisiana stuff!