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Tape Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

Visual american artist Mark Jenkins (44) creates provocative, balance-challenging installation sculptures and then places them in real-world contexts. From Winston-Salem to  Moscow to the bustling streets of Barcelona, Jenkins has certainly made a  name for himself with his distinct approach to public art.

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Do you like colors?

If you do, you will absolutely love Belarussian Leonid Afremov‘s (59) paintings. They are vivid symphonies of color. They don’t vary too much in theme or setting, but I honestly just can’t get enough of them, so I’ll apologize in advance for the extreme length of this post. 47 more words


Amazing Catalonia's Tilt Shift Video

We know the Tilt Shift picture version in Tilt Shift Photography, it’s a small world…. Now, there is the Tilt Shift Video.

For 7 days, 5 national and international filmmakers with 5 different techniques where shooting in Catalonia. 50 more words