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Easter Sunday

Faith’s adventure can lead us into the deepest caverns of despair—into holes so deep and black we cannot even sense Jesus’ presence, into places so lost and dark we can find no way out. 186 more words

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Holy Saturday


Jesus, it is our deepest honor to suffer alongside You: with children who ache for tenderness, with teens whose only companion is loneliness, with workers who endure mind-numbing jobs to provide for their families, with parents who stand baffled before their children’s graves. 92 more words

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Good Friday

Surely he has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases….—Isaiah 53:4

Amid the dead, dry jeers of the crowd and the hollow clank of Roman armor, we arrive. 171 more words

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Maunday Thursday

The night of Christ’s betrayal begins with an upper-room feast. Accompanied by the hollow clunk of pottery dishes stacked hurriedly for washing, and surrounded by the pungent odors of roasting lamb, bitter herbs, and baking bread, a covey of men look to their leader. 301 more words

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New Entries on my blog

Lots of New entries on my blog at Film Annex plus Part 4 of my documentary on sculptor Mark Adair, “Death Is In Trouble Now, the Sculptures of Mark Adair” is now online there as well. 32 more words

Preface to 'Art/Sound'

 ‘What I have in my own mind is a complete fusion of the two concepts’ (Herbert Read, Education Through Art (1943)).

The ‘Art/Sound: Practice, Theory & History 1800-2010’ module will be launched at the School of Art, Aberystwyth University in September 2014. 615 more words

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