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Nuit Blanche: 10 picks for Ottawa's long night of art

To predict the highlights of Nuit Blanche is like trying to recognize faces through a foggy window. Some seem intriguing and some vaguely familiar, but, really, one can only make a best guess. 965 more words

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Episode 24: Yay! Paper Mache


The Gals discuss the ins and outs of paper mache this week and it isn’t just for making crappy piñatas! Learn about the materials needed, different wheat paste and clay options, and finishing your paper mache works. 71 more words

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Yay! Paper Mache

After a silly, mixed-up introduction/greeting, Katie and Sharon get to the business of discussing paper mache in this week’s episode. In the first half of the show they talk about what paper mache is and their memories of working with it as children (and yes, as always, there is a cautionary tale sort of vibe going on for part of this conversation… along with the usual silliness). 345 more words

Mixed Media Arts And Crafts

Day 46 Year 2

I have got six pieces of ravioli for lunch. I thought it was oh-so-generous.


Art Week

 I am an artist.

Yet, you will never attend an art gallery featuring my pictures.

But, I am an artist.

You will never attend a restaurant featuring my culinary creations to pleasure your palate. 110 more words

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