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Thirteen bodies

The “fairy” beings – all mist and fluff – in suspension while I try different options for the final layer or skin. I am trying to stay true to materials and location – and the physical requirements of work that will endure a few weeks of weather and possible “casual interference” (Rob Garrett) or accidental bumps during NZ Sculpture on Shore. 16 more words


CHAWsome New Middle School Classes

CHAW invites students in grades six through eight to make great art at CHAW this year in one of our new middle school classes. Our expanded offerings help students add a splash of color to their week with an arts class (or two!). 412 more words


“Apex” (2013)
Charcoal on paper – 21″ x 32″

Just a picture of Michael Jordan climbing Patrick Ewing’s back.

No disrespect, but didn’t it seem like Jordan did this to Ewing an awful lot?

“Ebony – Man and Woman” (2013)
Acrylic on canvas – 18″ x 24″ (each)

There isn’t much to explain here. Two figures, representing the origins of my culture, my ethnicity. 51 more words

“Elemental” (2013)
Acrylic on canvas – 16″ x 20″ (each)

A fun little abstract in which each canvas is based on one of the four classical elements: air, earth, fire, and water. 18 more words

“Contour Mask” (2013)
Acrylic on canvas – 14″ x 18″

I wanted to combine the abstract style I’ve been using recently with a representational subject matter. 20 more words