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Kinetic Typography Short Animation

This animation was a class exercise I did for my Visual Communication Design class. The objective was to create a short animated gif using type and color to express concern and/or share information about a current event. 45 more words

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Color and Value Study

This is another exercise I did in my Visual Communication class on color and value. In the third picture I used the grey scale to get as close (as humanly possible) to the value in the second photo. 12 more words

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What Colors Really Mean in Company Logos

Hi All, I found this article on What Colors Really Mean in Company Logos. I thought it was really nice how it explained the different types of colors in logos that are relevant to us today. 28 more words

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The Girl Effect

I had to watch this video for my Visual Communication Class and thought I would share it with any/everyone who would listen. It holds so much truth. 18 more words

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Emerging Letterforms into Composition

This is an assignment I did for my Visual Communication Design class. The goal was to create an abstract design from two letterforms using the principle of figure/ground relationships. 17 more words

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WD+RU celebrate 20 years with online projects archive

In 1999 I collaborated with the Women’s Design Research Unit (WD+RU) to create a design for a St Valentine’s Day card for the London Cardguide. My design has been added to an online… 11 more words

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