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Visual Communication: Typography and Imagery

This week I was given my visual communications brief for which I had to produce two A3 final outcomes which related to the title ‘Systems’. After seeing Scott King’s work, who used simple imagery to create a clear narrative about the seating arrangements in concerts, I was inspired to base my own work on the system of concerts and how someone might perceive the relationship between musicians and their fans. 823 more words

Barbara Kruger

For our first week – visual communication – I looked at the work of Barbara Kruger. Although she is primarily a photographer, she uses typography and editing to make her final pieces. 394 more words

Out of your comfort tune

Last week, we were given the task to listen to something different. The twist of this is to listen to something that some would view as hard to listen to, and something that is easier to listen to. 408 more words

Graphic Design

Memorial visual intervention

I’ve chosen “Leaving to heaven” memorial, located on Beit-Lid junction in Israel. This memorial is for memory of 22 israeli soldiers killed in double suicide bomber terrorist that happened on January 22 1995. 184 more words

Visual Communication

Visual Communication

For part one of the foundation course, my tutor group began with Visual Communication (Graphic Design, Illustration etc). Throughout this week, we completed various exercises to get us used to and to create a final outcome using the techniques of Typography and Collage. 546 more words

Visual communication Rotation

THEME: – SYSTEMS, our lives are controlled by systems. Our routines, Education, Culture, Work, Jobs, Health, Government, Rules and Hierarchy etc. but they’re not as bad as they seem, most of the time… 31 more words