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Visual Communication

For part one of the foundation course, my tutor group began with Visual Communication (Graphic Design, Illustration etc). Throughout this week, we completed various exercises to get us used to and to create a final outcome using the techniques of Typography and Collage. 546 more words

Farnham UCA

Visual communication Rotation

THEME: – SYSTEMS, our lives are controlled by systems. Our routines, Education, Culture, Work, Jobs, Health, Government, Rules and Hierarchy etc. but they’re not as bad as they seem, most of the time… 31 more words

Art Foundation

Symmetry and colors

The world is full of symmetry. The three basic symmetries can be found in nature. The leaves of plants and flowers, when folded in half, have reflection symmetry. 48 more words

Non- Timebased

How to Make Rice Krispy Treats

For this assignment, we had to create a visual that described the process of making Rice Krispy squares for children who were not able to speak English. 384 more words

COMM 165

Project 3

The first step to create my piece was creating a mandala in Adobe illustrator. My 31 more words

Behind the image


1. Young women in black overcoat
2. She is holding a lighted cigarette
3. Cigarette smoke is formed in a shape of loop around women’s neck… 294 more words

Visual Communication

Write up for Personal Mandala

The five classical elements -Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and ether-reflect the simplest essential properties and principles of all worldly matter and matters. They are the realms of universal energy.   285 more words

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