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Final book design...

Finally, i have finished the book with added type. I decided to just add the names of the countries as I didn’t want to add too much and over complicate the book. 118 more words

Further development

I decided the bold colours were over powering the black and white in my imagery, so I decided to play around with the colours more and then I managed to make the piece seem like it had an ocean surrounding it. 54 more words


Understanding the basic outline of Semiotics.

Semiotic from the greek meaning ‘observant of signs’

Today we have been looking about the meaning of semiotics and how it is much easier to  understand semiotics through language rather than visual commuication. 410 more words

Visual Communication


I have decided to do a brief introduction to Semiotics as it is a big part of advertisement, and this knowledge will be helpful for this design brief and in future projects. 304 more words

HND1 Sub Cultures

This visual resume assignment was yet another assignment that definitely proved to be more challenging than I thought it would be. I think I say that for every assignment, but I’ve never meant it more than I do for this assignment. 479 more words

COMM 165


The title of this post is a little deceiving, my apologies. I’m not going to be talking about light fixtures and how Kyra arranges them throughout the room, though she is very good at turning lights off before we leave the house. 653 more words

Final imagery for my zine...

Finally, I finished designing my book pages, i decided to go with a photo collage idea as I felt like this was my strongest technique out of all the ones i’d done so far. 219 more words