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I've Fallen

I’ve Fallen and Cant Get Up is an amusing use of a crowd dynamics system by Dave Fothergill


Animator vs. Animation

Here is the 4th installment of the clever shorts titled Animator Vs. Animation. A charming story of what I’m sure all animators would love to happen to them


Art and Science ... Again? Yes.

When it rains, it shines. Never mind. The variation fails the theme. Still, once again we find ourselves at a nexus of art and science. 211 more words


Foundation in Compositing

Composting: The final stage of visual effects, after all individual elements have been created thought different processes; (principal photography is shot, secondary elements are shot/acquired, cgi is rendered in a 3D program, matte paining are painted). 212 more words


VEX Tutorials - phyllotaxis

I’m currently working my way through a series of tutorials about Houdini’s VEX language. It’s a great course and very indepth, there is alot of the maths i’ve learnt at university being applied so it really helps me to understand its use. 55 more words

Visual Effects

Showreel 2014

After previously uploaded showreels back in 2010 and 2011, this is my first professional piece. Works featured in this piece are mixture of motion graphics and compositing works. 36 more words

Animation / VFX / Moving Images

Marvel's Victoria Alonso Wants a Female Superhero Movie, Calls for More Women in VFX

Marvel’s exec producer and exec VP of visual effects & post-production, Victoria Alonso, called for vfx pros to hire more women — not just for gender equity, but because it will improve the work. 778 more words