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Jockey Bra Traveling Pop-Up (...and a torrential down pour).

I’m super lucky to have Jockey as a client. They were my first corporate client (one of my first clients period!) and I was nervous about working with them. 435 more words

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The Art of Window Displays

Window displays are like billboards for retail stores. Agreed on by experts,  attractive window displays and well-planned shop floors are key to driving sales. Below are samples of some of the most impressive window displays from top brands and questions just why they are so effective. 8 more words

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Summarizing it all at once!

We started our concept idea with the idea of making a giant Lotus flower floating on water without even knowing what we are going to be selling in there! 363 more words

Visual Merchandising

Our very own window display

It actually took us a while to create the window display. We had so many ideas for it and it was hard to decide and pick the best one. 142 more words

Visual Merchandising

As we mentioned before, the store will be a giant lotus flower made of transparent plastic. It will be floating on either a lake or on the sea and you can only reach it through a bridge. 322 more words

Visual Merchandising

Final Moodboard

We already made a moodboard when we first presented our concept but that wasn’t the final one we wanted to show you guys! The picture below shows our final moodboard, representing our concept for the Victoria’s secret pop up store. 127 more words

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Pop-up store floorplan

We are back with our Victoria’s Secret pop up store! To give you a better view on the inside of the store, we tried to create a round floor plan, which btw was not the easiest thing to achieve. 339 more words

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