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{REVIEW} Planetarian ~The Reverie of a Little Planet~

“What do you think about the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when.
All the stars in all the sky are waiting for you.” 955 more words

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Kara no Shoujo - A Morte e a Arte

Conseguem ouvir a sinfonia? Quase vejo o bater de asas do pássaro azul… 1,329 more words


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Review

In light of its sequel’s announcement the original version of this PSP RPG comes to the US with some major updates.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name is "Bartender"

One of the most powerful — and underexplored — aspects of video games at large is that they allow us to put ourselves in the shoes of other people: to explore lives that are not our own. 1,383 more words


My Girlfriend is the President Review

Whenever I search the internet about weird stuff, a lot of things often get connected towards Japan, which is said to be full of weird and over-the-top pranks and having their own intercultural species of fully dedicated fans of animations and comic books, as well as light novels. 2,349 more words

Requiem's Opinions on Certain Visual Novels (Part One)

So it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post… For those of you who followed Otasensei years back, I was one of the writers there (Meister97). 889 more words


Planetarian launch on Steam at September 12th

Planetarian is one of Visual Art’s Key visual novel about a post-acopalytic something era about a robot that maintain a planetarium.

An uninhabited, sealed off city, abandoned 30 years ago after a sudden biochemical warhead strike.

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