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Alexis Foley - Sophomore of Horse Hall

If you didn’t care about my Magical Diary review from a few days ago, you can safely bypass this post. But for everyone else, this is the ending photo… 40 more words


My thoughts on Carnival

Manabu Kimura is on the run. He’s been arrested for the murder of a classmate that he has no memory of committing. To his luck, the police car he’s in happens to get into an accident and he decides to use this chance to escape. 1,507 more words


School Days Review

It was your typical boy meets girl type of romance. A glance at each other on the train to school, a yearning thought spared for him over lunch, getting a totally different girl to have sex with you as practice for when you do it with the girl you really love. 562 more words


Never 7 -The End of Infinity-

I’ve been a huge fan of the Zero Escape series (comprising 999 and VLR, both which I’ve talked about) so it was no surprise that when I learned that the writer for this series worked on the Infinity series…I had to play them, duuh~ 573 more words


If my heart had wings

A pretty lighthearted visual novel. I learned about it while searching for VN to read on iPad. Even though my iPad did not run it quite well (it is a dated iPad 2) and the lack of voice acting discouraged me from looking further into it, the name stuck. 457 more words

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New Project ! "Daisuki Da Yo - In Summer"!

Hello everyone ! It has been a week since “Daisuki Da Yo – In Spring” has released and I am excited to announce that I’ll be working on my new project “Daisuki Da Yo – In Summer”.   508 more words

English Otome

First Thoughts: Magical Diary

I would like to say that I did not think I would enjoy this game by Hanako games, nearly as much as I did. From the bright colors, the whole Harry Potter pastiche, and the fact that the default name for the character is Mary Sue, I was ready to just earn some steam trading cards and delete the game. 540 more words