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150 Drawing Project #4

I have gotten quite behind when it comes to updating my blog, but here is where i am up to in terms of the 150 Drawing Project. 252 more words

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SEM Link Inc.

SEM Link Inc. is a nonprofit that exposes urban youth to S.T.E.M. careers.
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Generations 2014: This is Our Story

This video was made by Savannah Lew, Edward Samaniego, and Jeanine Reisbig with creative support from Jason Wyman (TILT Program Manager). It features the voices and stories of all Generations 2014 filmmakers.

Generations is an LGBTQIA intergenerational filmmaking program located at Ninth Street Independent Film Center. Generations is a partnership between Frameline and TILT. It is funded by the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund.

You can learn more about generations at: http://bit.ly/generations2014

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150 Drawing Project#3

I have done some more work on this drawing because i could not get into doing when i started. I have finished it by using a blue biro alongside the lighter blue ink pen that i used originally. 21 more words

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150 Drawing Project #2

This is a colour study that i have done because i have recently bought myself 2B, 6B and 9B graphite sticks.

I am currently working on an installation for Huddersfield Library, and i am experimenting with various ways of displaying my final work.

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150 Drawing Project

This is a project that we have to do over summer. The drawings can be of anything, using any technique.
I am really enjoying it so far. 44 more words

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Building Up a Drawing

It still fascinates me that the more you work on a drawing the better it can look. I always tend to just do a drawing and leave it, even if i think it looks dreadful. 85 more words

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