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Generating Class Diagram using Visual Studio 2013


Currently working on some documentation, so had to generated some class diagrams. Visual Studio 2013 provides us modelling project which can be used for generating the class diagram. 16 more words

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How to extend/migrate TraitAttribute to XUnit v2 and why has become sealed

In these days I was testing xUnit for the first time, and as a greedy developer, I started with the pre-release v2. Everything was great, except that I was trying to categories my tests in unit, integration, manual, and so on, to let me separate the CI tests from the ones, and I found misleading documentation out there, actually it was simply because there’s some breaking changes passing from v1 to v2, and one is that… 677 more words

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Environment specific config files for .NET apps - Config Transforms

Hello World,

This post is about an area that I for one had little experience with until I was on a project that required me to understand ways to maintain environment specific config files for our application. 1,267 more words