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Self Inflicted Denial of Service in Visual Studio Search

After upgrading to Visual Studio 2013 I noticed that find-in-files had a problem when searching directories. The VS IDE would repeatedly hang, rendering it completely useless for the duration of the search. 3,533 more words


You Got Your Web Browser in my Compiler!

I recently discovered that Microsoft’s VC++ compiler loads mshtml.dll – also known as Internet Explorer. The compiler does this whenever the /analyze option (requesting static code analysis… 2,223 more words


NuGet + Visual Studio: Automatic Package Restore of Different Solutions to the Same Folder

Attachment with the sample: NugetPackageRestore.zip

Today I had a problem using nuget package restore in a quite complex project that has multiple projects and multiple solutions file located in different folders, so that nuget was restoring the packages in a wrong folder for some of my solutions. 684 more words

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Make VC++ Compiles Fast Through Parallel Compilation

The free lunch is over and our CPUs are not getting any faster so if you want faster builds then you have to do parallel builds. 3,294 more words


Making Compiles Slow Through Abuse of Templates

I’m planning a post on how to maximize build parallelism in VC++, but first I needed to create a simple project that was slow to compile. 1,299 more words


Integrating Document Experiences into your Cloud Business Applications

Today we announced the release of Office Developer Tools March 2014 Update which includes a number of updates for Office & SharePoint developers.

One such update is integrating document experiences into your Cloud Business Apps (CBA) 860 more words

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