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Làm thế nào để debug Store Procedures, Triggers trên Visual Studio 2013?

Visual Studio 2013 quả là công cụ tuyệt vời, tất cả trong một hihi. So với cách đây 10 năm thì rõ ràng lập trình viên bây giờ quá sướng. 420 more words

Visual Studio 2013

How To : Use JavaScript: Error Handling to Build More Efficient Windows Store Apps

Believe it or not, sometimes app developers write code that doesn’t work. Or the code works but is terribly inefficient and hogs memory. Worse yet, inefficient code results in a poor UX, driving users crazy and compelling them to uninstall the app and leave bad reviews. 4,025 more words

Visual Studio 2013

Reset các shortcurt keys trên Visual Studio 2013

Mình rất thích dùng các shortcut keys trên Visual Studio, đơn giản vì nó rất hiệu quả, chỉ với một tổ hợp phím là có thể ra lệnh cho Visual Studio mà không phải dùng chuột. 169 more words

Visual Studio 2013

SharePoint: You cannot deploy this solution on this type of server computer as it is configured. This solution must be installed on a server of type: front-end Web server


We tried to deploy wsp via Visual Studio 2013 on our development server, deployment stopped with following error:

You cannot deploy this solution on this type of server computer as it is configured. 124 more words


A Look At : Visual Studio Codelens

A Visual Studio Full of Panels

Let’s say you’re looking at a code file, specifically a method.  Your Visual Studio environment may look like this: 1,145 more words

Visual Studio 2013

Using the Sage 300 .Net Helper APIs


The main purpose of our .Net API is to access our Business Logic Views which I’ve blogged on in these articles:

An Introduction to the Sage 300 ERP .Net API… 992 more words

Sage 300 ERP

What's new in Visual Studio 2013

I’ve been using VS2013 for a little while now and I love what I see. Year after year, I can clearly see the hard work and dedication that the team at Microsoft is putting in building better tools. 228 more words

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