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Using Ad Mediation in Windows Phone 8 app

Ad mediation is an algorithm that enables your app to use multiple SDKs. This means that with the mediation code in place, your app will make a call to one ad control, and if that ad control cannot serve an ad, the app will then call a second ad control, then a third, and so on. 1,229 more words

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LightSwitch - Single Production Database, Multiple Applications?

Yes you can!

We’ll show you how you can actually use the same production database for multiple LightSwitch applications.  We’ll also show you how you can share common tables.  38 more words


Excessive CPU usage in WheaAttemptPhysicalPageOffline when using Intel HD graphics - via Intel Communities

I had some excessive CPU usage (30% on a 4-core system) inside WheaAttemptPhysicalPageOffline when using an Intel HD graphics 2500 GPU.

At first I thought I needed to convince IT to update the drivers:  32 more words


Visual Studio 2013 & Visual Studio Blend

Many people can ask – why we will learn high level programming Language – Visual Studio.Net or Visual Studio Community 2013. Because if anyone wants to build windows apps, you must need to learn Microsoft Visual Studio.Net from basic level to application and database management. 204 more words


Claims solution Chapter 2. WCF Claims, ADO.NET Entity Framework.

Service WCF, creating the solution

I’m going to explain how to build a basic WCF service with Entity Framework for Claims application. The model was created in chapter 1 with SQL Server 2012. 859 more words


Visual Studio 2013 Version Numbers and Updates

Because I couldn’t find it on the web, here’s a list of the Visual Studio 2013 Version numbers for each of the Updates:

VS 2013 Version Version ID RTM 12.0.21005.1 Update 1 12.0.30110.0 Update 2 12.0.30324.0 Update 3 12.0.30723.0 Update 4 12.0.31101.0

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[Arabic Video] Continuous Deployment & Automated Testing Workflows for SharePoint & Office 365 Apps

Today’s video has been recorded from SharePoint Saturday Gulf 2014. What’s different about this session is that it’s all demos, few slides then a long demo that explains & shows the different aspects for managing the Lifecycle of SharePoint & Office 365 apps. 37 more words

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