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This blog post is About how to use RSS FEED in your Windows 8.1 App.
Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio 2013
  2. Create New…
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Tương tác với Azure Scheduler dùng Azure Active Directory

Giới thiệu Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (AAD) là một giải pháp cloud mà Microsoft đưa ra để quản lý identity & access một cách toàn diện. 572 more words

Visual Studio 2013

Default Program Won't Open File In Windows 8.1 Pro (C#, Visual Studio 2013)

I’ve written a program in C# that creates and opens files in a proprietary file format. I created the installer using InstallShield Express. The files are created and show up with the appropriate file icon that I have assigned to them. 94 more words


Separating C++ project properties between VS 2010 and VS 2013

Since Visual Studio 2010, common C++ project properties (e.g. external VC++ Directories like Include Directories and Library Directories) are defined in property sheet files and managed with the Visual Studio Property Manager. 224 more words

Visual Studio 2010

Tương tác với Azure Scheduler qua .NET Client

Giới thiệu

Azure Scheduler giúp chúng ta tạo các Job và thực thi chúng theo cách không thể dễ dàng hơn. Nếu ai đã từng làm Windows Services hoặc các background services thì với Azure Scheduler, có lẽ chúng ta sẽ không còn cần đến chúng nữa :) Hôm nay tôi xin giới thiệu với các bạn cách tương tác với Azure Scheduler qua .NET Client. 799 more words

Visual Studio 2013

Continuous Formatting v1.1 adds support for ReSharper and CodeRush code formatters

Continuous Formatting extension automates C# and C++ code formatting in Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010. It removes the necessity to format code manually, arranging code continuously as you type and make changes. 23 more words

Visual Studio 2010

what is peek definition window in vs 2013?

Peek Definition allows us to stay in the context of the code while we browse
through code in the Code Editor window.
we can invoke Peek Definition either by right-clicking a symbol and clicking Peek… 10 more words

Peek Definition