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C# as Keyword

The ‘as’ keyword in C# can be used to cast an object to a different type.

MyClass myObject = obj as MyClass;

In essence it achieves the same as below, but if the cast fails it returns null rather than throwing an InvalidCastException. 39 more words


TeamCity and MSBuild / MSTest

TeamCity comes with MSBuild so that you can build your solutions directly by selecting a runner type of MSBuild in the Build Step.  You can also choose the version of Visual Studio your developers use and since TeamCity 8.1, … 117 more words

Team City

Outsourcing AppSettings from Web.Config

I’ve been working on an old app and over the years the web.config file has become stuffed full of App Keys.  As the list grew, so did the time it took to deploy between environments as we needed to change a lot of the keys. 201 more words


Common Exceptions Handling In C# Part one

Exception handling is the process of protecting a program from unexpected errors. We will explain some of the common exceptions handling. In C# programming language we can handling errors by… 679 more words


Universal Apps - Sort of?

In WP8, I can set up a view and use a few SortDescriptions and I have view several my data in a sorted format. Not so with a universal app. 74 more words

Windows Phone 8

How to: Modify a Project System So That Projects Load in Multiple Versions of Visual Studio

In Visual Studio 2013, you can prevent a project that was created in your custom project system from loading in an earlier version of Visual Studio. 1,847 more words

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