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Unit Testing - Setup pattern (Moq)

In my previous post I mentioned that large unit test setups can be difficult to maintain / understand. This problem can be reduced by following a test pattern. 658 more words


GIT ইনস্টল প্রক্রিয়া এবং Visual Studio এর সাথে সংযোগ

বেশ কিছুদিন থেকে GIT এর বেপারে চারিদিকে শুনে আসছিলাম। তাই সময় বের করে একটু দেখে নিলাম। আমি GIT এর বেপারে বেশি অভিজ্ঞ নই। আমি এখানে শুধু শেয়ার করছি আমি কিভাবে … 131 more words


Visual Studio and Git

So it happens that the company I started working for yesterday uses Git for all their source control needs. Having heard a lot of positive stuff about Git, but having no experience of actually using it,I had to dig around to find some decent integration tools that work well with Visual Studio 2013. 59 more words

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Script for automating web app deployment

I always like to save time by automating tasks, especially if I need to perform these tasks very frequently.

An example of such task is updating my project from the main repository and deploying it to the server. 163 more words


Generating Class Diagram using Visual Studio 2013


Currently working on some documentation, so had to generated some class diagrams. Visual Studio 2013 provides us modelling project which can be used for generating the class diagram. 16 more words

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How to: Enable outlining (collapsible statement blocks) for C# code in Visual Studio

I’m often modifying existing C# code in Visual Studio and find myself trying to line up opening and closing braces and trying to figure out what level of nesting I’m currently at. 193 more words

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