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Convert class library project to ASP.NET MVC WebApplication

Summary: The purpose of this conversion is to add MVC tooling to the class library project.

Whatever reason, you may need to add a Controller descendent to your project (class library) and use the VS MVC tools to add view to a controller’s action. 338 more words


.net regex find replace in visual studio 2013

F: Log.Write\(\”(?<all>.*)\);

R: Log.Write(string.Format(“$1));


F: Log.Write(“browsers alive: {0}/{1}”, nbrOfAliveBrowsers, nbrOfTotalBrowsers);

R: Log.Write(string.Format(“browsers alive: {0}/{1}”, nbrOfAliveBrowsers, nbrOfTotalBrowsers));


Xamarin - Introduction to Xamarin (Part 2)

From the Part 1 Xamarin – Introduction to Xamarin (Part 1)
Here to continue…
Step 10: Open the Visual Studio after 2013, click the menu “Tools” – > “Xamarin Account.” 176 more words

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Resharper Live Templates

I sometimes use expandable snippets in Visual Studio, eg prop, cw, but as I have the luxury of ReSharper, I really ought to look at what that can do for me. 771 more words

ASP.Net Website Project - External Assembly References


Today I just thought of removing the Assembly Reference errors which I get whenever I take the latest of an ASP.Net Website Project (Not ASP.Net Web Application Project) along with many class library projects. 585 more words

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Accelerating Debug Runs, Part 1: _NO_DEBUG_HEAP

(A more appropriate but even-less-catchy title might have been ‘accelerating runs from the debugger‘. As elaborated below, these two are not strictly equal).

A common notion is that debug builds can and should carry as much debugging overhead as one can possibly scram in – after all, the point in debug builds is exactly this, … 737 more words


.NET developers C# 6 has arrived!

Forget about any other faddy new programming languages, put Swift to the back of your mind, cast Java away out of sight ………C# 6 is here folks!! 624 more words