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The Power of Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is powerful because vivid images carry the potential to impart emotional impact. Marketing that connects on an emotional level is exceptionally effective. In fact, these days, if you aren’t telling the story of your business in ima…

Life Experiences

Heightened vitality

I was so smiled upon by fortune that I lived, for the month of November, in Berlin, with someone very dear to me. Our life was a flurry of activity, of love and painting, chilled grey days and toasty croissant breakfasts, U-Bahn trips populated by the most curious characters, endless halls of incredible paintings, evenings of… 925 more words

- never let mistake define who you are -

I created this artwork base on what happened to me just recently. Rushing to accomplish something and doing it blindly with not the right state of mind can lead to some unwanted result. 47 more words