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Mesoamerican Flag Book

These flag books are a classroom project made by my students while we studied Mesoamerica in ancient civilizations. Across the top you see the Olmec culture which was the “mother culture” for many of the later Central American and Mexican cultures. 250 more words


Week 31 of Syntax Sundays: Sanita Fejzic

Sanita Fejzic never fails to amaze us with her beautiful love poetry, with these two recent pieces taking a more self-relfexive tone. Her first poem has a keen sense of the visual, allowing the reader to enter different pockets of imagery and aesthetic beauty. 396 more words

The Continuist.

Shaping and Reshaping

Here is an excellent documentary of how a simple image can become the source and inspiration for ideation. It illustrates a few of the points I make in previous posts. 28 more words


Is Standardized Testing Fair?

Source: campusexplorer.com

This visual shows different facts pertaining to standardized testing. It discusses the question of whether standardized testing is fair. As stated above, standardized tests are created in a way that is constant, no matter who is taking it. 26 more words

Standardized Testing

Still here - no photos :-(

My WordPress suddenly won’t let me post or insert a photo.  I’ve tried pushing from the blog end and pulling from the photo end.  Nothing.  Pretty dull without a visual isn’t it?  6 more words