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Shelving the Body - Book Launch

Book Launch for Shelving the Body

A collaboration between Soapbox Press and Darragh Casey.

We explore and showcase Darragh’s project ‘Shelving the Body’, from the inital sketches to the final pieces that brought it to its final existence. 37 more words



Amy Louise Congalton

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A View of India:

Amy’s current project,  ‘A View of India’ is taking a western look at one of the most majestic and wonderful countries in the world.  56 more words


The Life Cycle of Ideas, Accurat for Popular Science

The life cycle of ideas is a data-analysis and visualization we published for the May Issue of Popular Science.
As Katie Peek wrote in the introductory text: 573 more words

# Data Visualization Work And News

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Giorgia Lupi once again comes up with stunning, informative and elegant data visualisation. This time, the life cycle of ideas. You can see another of hers in my post Design is where science and art breaks even

i spy with my little eye

Do you think our human visual perception is pretty amazing? Think again and learn about the mighty Mantis Shrimp.

It has the most sophisticated visual system in the world, as its eyes contain 16 different types of photoreceptors (12 for color analysis, compared to humanity’s 3 cones).

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