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Running down the NHS to privatise it and the role of the media, what you can do this week

The many tentacles of Rupert Murdoch’s media presence in the UK are launching a connected (see below if you want to read further) campaign to destroy the NHS and replace it with privatised services. 691 more words


How Many Political Figures Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

Machiavellian Boy Scout And The Haphazard Art Of Misdirection’

By Mark Michael.

How Many Political Figures Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? 174 more words


Fantasy vs Visualization

There is a big difference between fantasizing and visualizing, so it would be a good activity in becoming self aware to know the different feelings between the two within yourself so that you know when you are getting it right and when you are not and can be ok with it. 474 more words


Say it with flowers - bringing open data to a new audience (hopefully)

When we set the Innovation and Intelligence Lab up, we were very keen that we would be totally open about what we’re doing. Blogging as we go along, getting stuff out early on in the development process, and capturing all the decisions we were making so that we, and others, can learn from what goes well, and what doesn’t. 855 more words


Struggles with EMDR - Delayed Week Three

So this is an exceptionally late post from me – I apologise. But you know when life just gets on top of you? I had my last EMDR session a few weeks ago and between now and then have been on holiday and been working in my stepmum’s newly opened café. 477 more words

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Taste like Denim : brand book

A Denim brand book created in the third semester of the course International Fashion Fashion & Branding. The concept  of the book was ‘Taste like Denim’. 63 more words

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