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Spectrum of Analytics

When you ask someone about analytics, you probably get an answer like this:

“Yes, I am into analytics. My boss cares about analytics. My whole company is now focusing on analytics!” 362 more words


Chakras,what are they?

Have you ever wondered about chakras?

It seems to be a word that is becoming something we hear more and more.

Exactly what are they? How do you pronounce it? 599 more words


Awesome BioJS Google Summer of Code Final Project Video

I am proud of the work that our Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students are doing with BioJS. One of our students, @David_Dao_ has been working to develop an interactive phylogenetics tree viewer and has created the video below. 35 more words


Digital Media Analytics - A Reflection

Over the last year I have been working at Manning Gottlieb (a digital media agency) creating interactive reporting gauging the effectiveness of advertisements purchased online. In my first week it was quite an informative time as I started to learnt about how digital advertising worked. 275 more words


Floating ramps

A slightly different approach to a design project where rule based algorithm was used to create initial form. This is one illustration from the project that shows the initial design stages with floating ramps. 14 more words

The four Principles of Luck - The Luck Factor

Can unlucky people do anything to improve their luck..? The answer is yes according to the book “The Luck Factor by Dr. Richard Wiseman.

The following is text borrowed from the From the inside flap of the book – … 611 more words

Good Luck

The Mind Medicine Room

I was a self-help junkie.

In my late teens and early twenties, as I struggled with carving my own little identity in the big bad world, I leaned on my mentors for advice. 958 more words