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Data visualization online lecture, and deck.js markdown coming soon

I have a new set of dataviz slides online here, aimed at a clinical audit audience but of broad interest, I hope. It is rather updated from… 156 more words


The Remembering Process: Joe Vitale & Daniel Barrett


The Remembering Process is a book from musician/coach, Daniel Barrett, and writer and star of The Secret, Dr Joe Vitale. It explores a new tool for attracting what you desire, creating with more ease, and living your best life. 579 more words

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James Round

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“I’m a designer and illustrator about to make the move down to London. My work here is a selection of products I sell through my Etsy store. 141 more words


Making imaginative memories - visualisation technique

Using your imagination can be frowned upon in language learning. Many times I’ve been ready to pat myself on the back for coming up with an innovative solution to a language problem, only to be left with the blank stare of uncomprehending doom. 1,234 more words

Top 10 ways to get happy when life has you feeling down

Sometimes life catches you out. Things haven’t gone the way you expected, and your mood spirals downwards. Before declaring yourself depressed and reaching for the pills to drown out those feelings, try this: 415 more words

Create an animated GIF from a series of images

ImageMagick is a collection of command line tools which allows you to do lots of cool things with images. I use it a lot to create animations, in particular to add multiple images and text to a single slide. 105 more words

21 Day Silent Meditation Retreat Part 3 of 5

Songkran, the Buddhist New Year, a week long water fight and my favourite festival ever. ‘Everyone in the city is in the midst of a water soaked blissed up drunken revelry.’ This thought stayed with me. 304 more words