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A worthy dashboard design book to read, again.

I’ve had this book for a few years now, but it has sat on my shelf for the last 5 years, or at least I have not read it for 5 years, but have loaned it out several times. 171 more words


Groovy Girls Go........All Eyes on the Prize

Groovy Girls Go………..All Eyes on the Prize

The world’s eyes are on Boston. No matter if you’ve ever been there or not, after the 2013 Marathon, everyone knows Boylston Street. 942 more words

Design Validation and Reviews: Empowering the Review Team

In the typical design validation and review process, more than half of participants aren’t CAD experts. That’s not surprising as stakeholders come from everywhere, like manufacturing, marketing, and even customer offices—each with his or her own unique background and goals. 443 more words

Creo Customers

"Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"*...

The MIT Media Lab’s Pantheon Project aims to restore some of that knowledge…

You were not born with the ability to fly, cure disease or communicate at long distances, but you were born in a society that endows you with these capacities.

365 more words

Monkey With a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem

Bibliographic Information: Monroe, C. (2009). Monkey with a tool belt and the noisy problem. Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda Books. 

Brief Annotation: This fun book tells us the story about Chico Bon Bon’s problem, noise. 130 more words



I haven’t been indulging in midday naps lately, but today I made a rare exception and lay down for a couple of hours.

It seemed like a waste of a beautiful autumn afternoon, but my body and mind were crying out for it. 556 more words

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Pie chart horror

This is another chart from the PIRG publication. If you’re trying to show readers the volume of complaints by category, you should give them a way to rank the categories. 154 more words