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Visuals: Nome Nomadd - Rise

Nome Nomadd gets an animated Jae Synth visual for his latest joint, entitled “Rise”.


Digital Art Network Server

Since right now, on 7/20/2014, I am so into releasing and coding software (check out my maze!) I thought this would be an appropriate posting. 18 more words


Digital Art - California Dreaming In NY - Poetry

(you may have to click for full size)

those songs told a story
who could resist …
even if it was a dream


Focused on the Backyard: Local NYC-High Line Park

The High Line Park is not only a tourist destination, but indeed a coveted spot for locals as well with great views of the city. It is a repurposed elevated rail line that stretches along the west side of Manhattan.





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    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

    I am inspired by the shades of…

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Digital Art Lemon Drops and Red Wrappers

(you may have to click for true size)

started with a lemon drop (famous last words) …



Late mornings where i’m entitled to doing nothing but waking up later than everyone else and walking around the house as if i’m the queen. haha, i’m not even kidding. 60 more words