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I Found It In the Archives Finalist: Deborah M. Tracy

Genealogy Rule #1: The best ‘finds’ are the ones you were not looking for.

When I located the birth certificate at Ohio History Connection for Charles Haddock, my maternal great-grandfather, I discovered that his father’s name was Jasper Haddock, an ancestor previously unknown to my family. 364 more words


Pennsylvania, I love you!

OK, perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but yesterday morning I woke up to read online that the Pennsylvania death certificates up through 1944 were now available on ancestry.com.  251 more words

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My Great-Great-Grandparents’ Marriage Certificate: Small Details Reveal So Much

As I celebrate the newest member of my extended family, I am also thinking about my great-great-grandparents, Jacob and Sarah Cohen.  A while back I had sent for their… 722 more words

Family Information And Updates

The Frankel Family: Digging Deeper Roots

In a previous post about the Frankel family, we learned about the resources used to find an additional three generations of ancestors. The first item I looked at was from a book put together by German researcher, Helmut Thiele. 993 more words


Four generations and counting

Just when I thought I had hit a dead end on my Pinkard research, I happened upon a new vital record– the death certificate for my great-great-grandmother, Narcis Pinkard– and one more generation to add to the family tree. 95 more words


My Great-Great Grandmother Rachel Jacobs Cohen: Her Death Certificate

I have received a certified copy of my great-great grandmother’s death certificate from the General Register Office in London.  This is my first English vital record, and I was quite excited to receive it.  343 more words

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